Can Rhinos no longer fight?

So they can be mounted, yes, but I just realized my Rhino no longer fights for me.

Is this a permanent change or will there be/is there a way to have both mounted Rhinos and Rhinos that waddle alongside you just to fight?

Haven’t tried but guess it’s like with the horses? They don’t fight either, from what I’ve seen.
So once you turn a rhino into a mount it won’t fight. So keep normal rhinos for that.

When your riding use the W key and the Rhino will fight. Same key that makes the horse rear up.

The Rhino was never saddled and was a normal fighting Rhino before the patch. Post-patch he acts like a mount. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I’ll test something later.

just check to see if he has a slot for a saddle. or check his combat behaviour.

Figured it out. Normal Grey Rhinos don’t fight. Has to be White or Black or converted to a Caravan Rhino.

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