Rhino Thrall not fighting

This has happened on 2 servers now… I will tame a rhino calf and tell it to follow me, but it only runs in place and refuses to attack anything. They also teleport around during fights a little bit. Does anyone know how to fix this issue, or if it’s a bug for the devs to handle?

It is the same as horse. If you can mount it, it will be passive but if you mount it and press space it will do a horn swipe. The normal rhinos which are not mounts should fight though so please let us know which rhino you are using.

Once made all mounts are passive

Which means no dev has ever been on horse back.

i am playing on siptah, but i did not have a saddle on the rhinoceros and i was not using it as a mount. i thought i remembered in the base game that my horses would fight when i wasnt mounted on them, so this makes no sense to me

This was changed at some point. The horses in vanilla are also passive.

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