Which Rhino,( and I don't mean Mittens Romney ) that can be a mount AND Fight

Hello all :slight_smile: I am just trying to figure which Rhino’s can be a mount and as well as fight? Thanks for for any help, this community has been amazing for such a boob, I mean noob like my wife and I are !!!



So when you put a Rhino calf into an animal pen it can convert into 4 different rhinos depending on how you feed it: Grey, White, Black, and Greater. Greys only function as mounts, the others only function as fighters and increase in HP and damage from left to right as I listed them.

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None. Can’t even be modded to do it (I’ve tried, several times).

Roger that, and thanks for your time friend !

You probably already know this, but your mount, despite not being able to fight mobs on it’s own, can attack while you’re mounted. The controls the attacks in the direction your mouse is pointed. Good luck and happy hunting! :beer: