Make Rhino mounts useful


As of right now, I see no point in choosing the rhino mount over the horse.
The horse is just much better overall.
I think you should rework the rhino mount so it gets useful. Especially as a pvp player, I see absolute no point in using it.

For example, it would be cool if u could not get thrown off it.
Or it just had much much more armor and health than the horse.
Or if you could ride it when over encumbered.

Just some ideas. ?

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Here’s a reason, rhino takes the brunt of the damage with most enemy’s, keep them in front and his high armor and health will let you just sit on his back and fight, had 4 cimmarian fighters all have a go and i didnt take a single point of damage on my character and rhino lost only a little health, their insane health and armor really helps.

You can still be hit say from the sit on a lunge but once you play around a bit you’ll find out what i mean😊 i clear all camps from rhino back now, way better for group fights

And rhinos are not ment for huge sprinting so don’t use it like a horse and you’ll find yourself not getting dismounted a lot, I’ve never been dismounted off a rhino when you keep that in mind, also all rhino saddles have same armor right now on rhinos so swap to the lightest saddle for the better endurance and stamina burn

Do you play on PVE servers? Because on PVP servers I have never won a fight on a rhino vs horse…

only pvp official for me, On that you’ll want to use horse vs horse if you know your fighting another horse, that’s just because of the speed and the other player is high enough to clear the front of the rhino to hit you, but in all other areas I’ve noticed the rhino out shines the horse once you get used to it, and since the attack is bugged (which sucks) you have to be slightly looking over the rhinos left shoulder for his own horn attack to do proper damage

Yea exactly, there is no point in using it in PVP

Once they sort the actually horn attack out it’ll be better for horse vs rhino, but for a dedicated mounted battle horse on horse forsure right now

The thing with the horn attack i really like is you can have him attack with it in between your pike thrusts when mounted for more damage

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