Horse vs Rhino Combat


So i finally had the chance to test nearly everything on mounts. Horses, Rhinos, HvH, RvR, HvR, HvP, RvP.
And here are my results, keep in mind, i assume you guys do not play your own game and dont know what is strong or weak or nearly anything about your own game. So this info is for you to understand.
As for informing players, Yea once this info is given, honestly im going to assume players will quit. but this isnt the point, infact they will use the info and make havoc until you do fix or adjust the numbers.

Keep in mind, all my testing are done on my private server, with very skilled players.

Lets start with:
Horse VS Player
Keep it simple, besides a few counters, such as Thralls/pets, palisades, bow, and 4th dash katana, stacking bleeds. The horse will 1-4shot a player. easily, the small counter for ground combat is very limited, and hard to use fully. Where as the horse moves freely, outruns, and almost out turns a player on the ground, with the added bonus effects. inwhich even if you’re a high end skilled ground fighter. a normal horse player can kill you fairly easily. god forbid, if you are hit with a Lance, you might as well uninstall and try a new game.

Rhino VS Player
The Rhino has the same counters as the horse, however, they Rhino is slower, cant regen stemina, and has the lack of turning. Though the Rhino is a TANK in its own right, it should never see the battle field, it will lose to nearly anything. AS LONG as the player understand that the player is HIGHER up. if the player does not aim higher, you can not hit the player, which is an interesting take and should work in combat, but sadly, these were made very poorly. Keep in mind, Rhino should still win very ground combat player, fairly easy, as their spear will reach with out a problem and the horn will do extra damage even if the player is moving around trying to stay out of hit box. The Rhino Spear reach is superior and hits so hard they player will have to run, which they can do very easily.
THE ONLY reason you will and should use a Rhino is PvE. Most monsters, NPCs, cant reach you, which make farming bosses and only minions 1000x easier to kill and not take any damage as your Mount is tanking everything without any problem, this includes the mealstorm infact Rhino in the mealstorm is amazing, but if a player sees you farming NPCs. you will die, and lose. 9.9/10 times.

Horse VS Rhino
As said Above, Rhino will lose in any combat, besides a brainless NPC/Boss. Horse can out run, out damage, everything a Rhino is. The Rhino may not take Stemina dmaage damage as a horse does, but that isnt a key factor here anymore. (as it should be). If the horse kills the player, the rhino is dead. Horse can use a Lance, which out of MANY test, a horse can lance a Rhino player and kill them in 1-2shots. mostly 1shots. I DONT KNOW WHY but if youre on a Rhino, you take more damage from a Lance. and if youre LUCKY not to die in 1hit, you will stay on the Rhino. which is Awesome in theory. but that just means the horse has already turned around and stabbed you again. meaning you are dead. The only positive Rhino has, is it is higher, and anyone that knows this will aim higher and kill you.
It should be that Rhinos should be able to Tank most of the damage you take. they are in the front line, take all the lances, and your horses have second wave. but Rhinos stamina regen is so horrid, you will never stay in the front line. let alone use that mechanic.

Rhino VS Rhino
This was honestly fun, “STUPID”, and never will be seen in battle, but, running around slow as hell having no stamina, and poking and horning others, was funny.
Completely a waste of time, as who ever hits first is likely to win. as movement is impossible to dodge and take to fake out someone else on a Rhino.

Horse VS Horse
There is a small skill gab when it comes to Horse vs Horse combat, faking out, moveming and dodge, and so on. has some skill. but the limiting factor of how the game works makes it where if youre 1 horse vs 2+ horses, your chances of winning is nearly 0. this doesnt mean you dont have a chance, if you ran up on to the group of horses, and you lance one to death, and make it a 1v1 or 1v2+. but the fact of the matter is, 1v2+ takes more luck than skill to win. where as a ground combat 1v2+ you do have a skill set, and can dodge, move, attack, and set up, to win 1v2+. where as this is just not much of an option on horses.
This doesnt mean it is a bad thing that Horses are the counter to Horses, but this does mean, that even on a horse, Luck is more a factor than skill is. And if youre on a horse without a lance, you deserve to lose. as Lance is broken, it will auto dismount someone, and nearly 1shot the player. to give you an idea, i even had max max max max max everything up to 95Str with the best spear, with a horse that has 350% damage. and no matter how many times i tried or aim at a hit box. you cant 1shot someone with a Lance. you can get them down to 5%, but not once has a lance 1shot. ever.
(However if youre hit on a Rhino, doesnt matter how much Str they have, youll be 1shot by the player)

So there you have it,
If youre playing Conan, you must be on a Horse, with a Lance, and who ever hits first with a lance, will most likely lose the fight. After you use that lance, switch to a spear, and finish the job. honestly you dont even need a spear as you can run them over with the horse and that horse knock back will kill the player.
VERY easy, no skill is needed. mostly just luck.
For those that do have any skill on Horse vs Horse, Yes dancing around does add to your chance of hitting first. but if at any time someone hits you from the back, know you are dead.

Take this info, use it, however you wish. To me, honestly it makes the game much more boring. and less skill to even play.


Thanks for taking the time to write all of this.


Pretty Accurate from my experiences as well. I reached endgame on a PvP Siptah server, experienced what you wrote above, after the first 15 days, players began just camping people on Horseback, waiting for them to dismount for any various reason, and then rushed them. No way to avoid that, besides don’t leave your base.

After the 15th day, my clan decided to reroll on PvE where we can setup duels so we can experience ground combat and mounted combat.

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In the WWII fighter PvP world they know how to defeat slow moving bombers, with fast moving fighters. Its called zoom & boom, might want to check it out. It applies here too. Just must slower.

Your review is accurate, but you can “1 shot” people with horses…
Since Funcom buffed Lances (they had 27 dmg / 25% pen in the past) then they nerfed to (3x damage/ 0% pen) and then they buffed again to 27 dmg /25% pen).
They are mad hahahaa. You can “1 shot” by hitting them with the lance and trumple at the same time. it’s more a matter of luck to do this, but you can. (against someone with heavy epic flawless armor and 40+ vitality).
If you want a balanced Conan PvP you need to join a private server with mods that fixes the stuffs funcom do.

But you still forgot to mention the combo Horse + tiger.
if two mounted players + 1 tiger come at you, there is a 100% chance of defeat.
If you also have a tiger, there is still an 80% chance of defeat.
They talk so much about “a player shouldn’t be able to beat 2+ players regardless of skill”. But currently if you own a horse and a tiger, you can easily defeat 5 players on the ground, and there’s no need for skill to do this.
Not to mention that you can block this type of resource (horse and tiger spawn) as they are not considered essential.
So you and your clan just needs to get enough horse, tigers and then block or camp the spawns. GG


You mean something like this:

Kill another player on horse within 5 seconds :slight_smile:

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@SirDaveWolf I see you have mastered this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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How tanky was the target? There is a huge gap between a 1k armor 50 vit player and anything below that. I know you mentioned very high stats for the attacker, but knowing what kind of practice dummy is also valuable data. Thanks <3

Horse speed and maneuver balance: Using pikes and jousting equipmet should be locked under attacking frontwards (no animation cancelling to bypass hitbox)

Balancing horse battles can be achieved by introducing pony and light size horses that has faster speed, double stamina and can maneuver very fast. > Mounted archery and Mounted javelins vs Mounted heavy horse jousters. (Heavy horse, Medium horse, Light horse, Pony horse). Heavy horses would be for frontal charge, lower speed and higher impact damage without maneuvers.

Also introducing caltrops and moats/wide trenches which are supported by pallisades would help to anyone who is not mounted.

u can always tame ur own horse and become one of the op

if you are a homeless, you just need to buy a house.


Stand Epic Heavy set, 1000AC with 40Vit.
This is a normal build, going any higher would give odd results.

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I really hope that Rhinos get stronger in future updates.

Honestly, If Rhinos were the only mounts, the game would be more balanced.

Just watched a Firespark video, horse VS rhino speed.

Sad that common physics cannot be applied to Conan, like other games.
A horse can out run, speed, and out corner a rhino, yet here they are the same speed.
Pure laziness on the coding dept.

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