Can someone else's purge damage me?

I’m playing pve server, someone built a building right next to my house. When I just accessed, my house is a little broken, but I think this man’s purge is breaking my house.
so someone else’s purge can do damage to me?

yes , another mans purge can damage ur building and thralls
this is mostly why it is important to keep distance from other players builds


“Pugilist, why do you have a buffer area around your base?”

Other players will build as close as possible for a variety of reasons. Even if the intent is not harmful, the effect can be. always put a buffer area around your base to let non-direct purges chew on unimportant structures.

On the public server where I am most active, a player had crowded in a Greater Wheel of Pain between two already to close bases. I was helping defend from a Purge and we saw creatures falling from the sky onto the wheel and decimating it.


Maybe I’m just an idiot (Narrator: He is.), but I don’t understand what you mean by a “buffer area”. I mean, I get the basic concept, but how do you actually build such a thing? Occasional random foundations? Fencing?

well it’s for you to decide , but I built a buffer wall for purge / other people purge if they built next to me , but you can shape it the way you desire with or without spikes , with or without crenelations , pretty or ugly , attatched to the principal building or not , using fences fundations or regular fundations , insanly tall or very short , it’s your creation ( but for you who already have a neighbour close you will maybe have also to improvise on the go , if he built so close that you can’t build on this side anymore (maybe spikes at that moment will still fit )

I had a neighbor’s purge spawn a wave INSIDE of my base once. Be mindful that you will not receive any kind of warning about the Berserkers ripping through yer treasure room!

Basically it is a foundation pad 5- 8 blocks on a side where I put animal pens, compost heaps, stables, all the things that are needed, but not critical to replace.

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