Neighbours purge spawned inside our base



Our clan plays on an official PVE server and I logged in today to find that during a neighbour’s purge some of the mobs spawned inside our base and destroyed a chunk of our walls and foundation.

We have had parts of our outside walls destroyed before by one of their purges so we have been upgrading to tier 3 for the outside wall to protect ourselves. This time however, none of the outside wall is broken, only walls and foundation within our base have been destroyed by imps and an imp king.

We understand that if a person nearby gets purged the mobs spawned will attack whatever is on the way but we weren’t aware they could spawn inside our base. Is this as intended?

Our neighbours have built as close as they possibly could to us to the point that we couldn’t fully complete our outside wall with the spiked fencing and we seem to keep getting caught in the crossfire of their purges.

Defending against a purge is all part and parcel of Conan but to have another clan’s purge spawn inside our base seems harsh. Would a possible workaround be for the required distance between bases to be increased so they at least don’t spawn inside another persons base.

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This is why I recommend a buffer of foundations around a base, to prevent folks from building so close it will adversely affect you.


Welcome to tbe comunity. To be honest i never had builds so close to someone else, so i never experienced this issue. However it is not the first time i read a post with this issue. The solution ofcurce is yet to come, because in my side i would built somewhere else too. You, on the other hand, maybe want to stay there and wait the other to go or decay. Either way, good luck :wink:

Yeah, happens… That is why the best feature u can develop is how to properly build ur base…
I would backlash the action…1st i would talk to my neighbours for the problem in case they r normal people and was just unaware that this coul happen… If yes i suppose all would be fine. If not i would Get the spot full of guards(to both get my base secure , and to make anyone building so close insta regret it when seeing his long awaited human purge getting ripped off by my guards and 3rd i would push as hard as i could towards me having a full 2bar purge… And the day after they would understand ur struggle, cause guess into which base ur purge would spawn…

I have been on this situation too many times, best course of action is to cut your losses and move spots or move servers. No sense why people do this but they do and it’s best to just avoid it and move on. Good luck to you.

Yeah, can happen…

But next tip: You dont even have to be close to your neighbour… If your base is on the path of another clans purge, they will destroy your base.

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