Can someone explain the details of which stamina settings do what on the gportal site?

I’ve been attempting to fine tune the stamina settings on my ps4 server through gportal but cannot seem to figure out which settings I need to adjust and which values to set them to. Can someone explain in detail what all the different stamina adjustments do?

If you move the stamina setting to 0.5 or 0.1 for example, from the default 1 setting, your character won’t burn through stamina as quickly. Anything numerically above 1 consumes more stamina.

That I was able to figure out but why is there 20 different ways to modify stamina and what do they really affect. I dont mean the in game settings I’m talking about the settings on gportal.

I shall try my best…

Player Stamina Multiplier - This sets the amount of stamina the player has initially/as a base line. Higher number equals higher starting pool

Stamina Cost Multiplier - This is the base line cost of each action. Again, higher value should equal a higher cost of stamina per action.

Player Stamina Cost Sprint Multiplier - Alters the cost of just sprinting.

Player Stamina Cost Multiplier - Used to increase/decrease the cost of stamina to each player. Seems redundant, I know, but if you’re really into fine-tuning game mechanics, these different iterations are very helpful.

Stamina Regeneration Time - Pretty straight forward, how long it takes (I believe in seconds) to fully recharge your stamina.

Stamina Exhaustion Time - I believe it’s how long you stay ‘exhausted’ before your stamina can begin to regenerate.

Stamina Static Regen Rate Multiplier - Another fine tune control allowing you to increase/decrease a players stamina regeneration when they are not moving.

Stamina Moving Regen Rate Multiplier - Same as above except this applies to the player still moving.

Player Stamina Regen Speed Scale - Even more redundant fine tuning, is used to multiply (or decrease I’d imagine) a players stamina regeneration.

Stamina On Consume Regen Pause - This one I’m not 100% but it seems to be the time rate for how long your stamina regeneration pauses when you enter an animation for consumption (food, drink, potion, etc.). Again, I’m speculating based on the wording.

Stamina On Exhaustion Regen Pause - Similar to the above, I’m not very certain on this one but it would appear to be another method of fine tuning stamina regeneration. My guess is it’s the timer on how long you are ‘exhausted’ before stamina begins regenerating.

I know, a lot of these seem pointless and simply copies of existing controls but some people really, really like to fine tune their games. To be fair, one set of controls effects the entire game while the secondary (or mimic) controls only effect the actual players’ characters. Hope this helped answer your questions.


To Add to Red king Post

Is same as one in Ps4 Setting (in game) 1.0 = Default 0.5 = 50% useage (so you can run more)

The rest of them are Unique to to Server Setting in G-Portal/PC. This way you can sorta leave them as default and adjust the one that your use to messing with in-game.

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Ahh, thanks for the clarification.

If you are running your own server I’d suggest bookmarking this wiki page. It should help with setting things up.

Thanks you all that helps immensely

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