Can someone give the tldr about modders making their own maps now?

Livestream was an hour and a half.

Can anyone give the tldr about what they said about modders making their own maps now?


Yes you can

You’re late to the party. This was posted in July:

Yeah you have been able to make maps since release but getting it setup is going to be easier at least, it is weird they said this would enable that, it is just winterhlem is the first full 8km map just because I think making a full map is a huge undertaking though it took the author 2-3 weeks to do.

I think the Map dlc is actually going to be a bit smaller then the current vanilla map.

Scott said a guide will be made available that will explain the basics. But as others have said, you have always been able to. It will be a lot easier for players to select which map they want after the Siptah update, and I believe easier for the modder to set up in terms of how the selection is made.

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