Can’t play single player when steam is ONLINE

**Game mode: Single-player
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type: N/A
Region: N/A

create session failed
steam is online
always happens when I played on some official server for some time and want to return to singleplayer/coop

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. start singleplayer
  2. end singleplayer
  3. start play online, choose some server, play for a bit
  4. quit playing online
  5. start singleplayer again
  6. get angry because of the error

only solution so far is the offline mod, which makes the game unavailable for coop
also when you are on it… singleplayer/coop is a total mess that is not working, all player have to restart their clients a million times before it works, fix when, this century? game is released for quite some time and this problem is still around.

@Valtaya, good report, better than a lot, and I’m sorry for your’re having this problem, it must be frustrating.

I would ask …

When you playing online, do you exit CE, or return to the main menu?

This has given me problems different from yours.

Are you modded in your single player or online server?

Personally, I quit CE (fully exit) when changing from one to the other, online/solo.

That may also affect the second point. Playing solo with a mod may retain something a server would not like, and vice versa.

Good luck, and welcome !


Maybe simply Steam.
There lot problems right now, and many players reporting Steam issues.
Just had a discussion before on discord about. They seem working on theyr client.

Failed create session and such. So this may be your current issue, let’s hope.
I had myself never problems play SP, and swap often from servers to SP and vice versa. Still worked fine.

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Thanks or the answers.

  • yes I am fully existing CE when switching from singleplayer/coop to online to singleplayer/coop
  • yes I do use some mods… tough disabling them will certainly render my singleplayer game obsolete (so have not tested it yet)… and while I am full aware of the fact, that funcom can not fix client issues caused by mods, I do not realy see why there should be problems when switching from offline to online and back again.

As of now I am playing around with making a server just for the friends, but thats just another workaround, not a solution.


As you are probably aware, the mod list on your computer has to match the mod list of each server or single player game you are entering.
So what I think is happening is there is a mis-match present between your game after you exit the online server (whether it be to main menu or completely out of the game) and the mod list of the single player game you are going back to.

There is an auto-mod loader that you can activate in settings (can’t remember where) that will do a check and auto-install of the mod list of the single player / server you are trying to join … part of this process is once it’s checked and added them in the right order for that connection, the game needs to shut down completely and be restarted.

But this is only speculation as I find it very odd that you can go from a single player game (with mods) to an online server and not also get an error message due to mis-match mods… but rechecking that the mod-order of your client matches what you have for the single player game after you have gone back to the main screen might solve it. And I suspect that Funcom will ask you to do this as part of their response.

You can make a back-up to test without mods.
That’s still the simpliest, because you can’t never be sure if your mods doesn’t create the bug you experience.

I played lot singleplayer-parties, and never had any problem switching from one to the other. I use ever a save-mamanger for my singleplayer, so i can switch easitly between different parties and more.
I play on servers, but also singleplayer, and in a few clicks change my modlist, and change from one to the other.
But of course, a non updated mod may give you strange results.

looks like that was it (Playing solo with a mod may retain something a server would not like, and vice versa.)
after playing online on a server with the same mods, singleplayer works fine

coop is still a mess with n restarts before people can join, but since I run a server, it became “obsolete” (mind, the server still have issues …)

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