Can´t reactivate my old AO Acc =(

Hello =)

I want to reactivate my old Anarchy-Online Account “******”. But I can´t reactivate because:

Account status: Banned (More information is available from our customer service)

So I don´t know why =(

I´ve tried to contact the Funcom support via e-mail, but the only response I´ve got is:

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service.

We no longer accept requests for support directly via email.

To open a help ticket please go to

And even on I´ve found no way to create a support ticket. There are only two links which reffer to this forum or to Funcom Customer Service Twitter Account.

Please help =)

If you scroll down past those graphic links there’s an email support form.

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Hmmmm… there´s nothing I can see =( both Opera Browser and Firefox won´t show the support form =(

Have you tried Chrome? And are you on the latest versions of either Opera or Firefox? We’ve heard of this happening for some folks and are looking into it.


I use Opera (current version 53.0) and it’s showing fine. :confused:

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I´ve tried Chrome and Opera. Both in actual versions. But it won´t show up :frowning:

Any plugins or extensions?

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Only adobe flashplayer and shockwave player

On Opera:

The iframe where the form is supposed to be is calling up the menu.

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Yeah…thats weird :thinking:


I have tested some other internet browsers and finally the “Dooble” browser shows up the support contact form :hugs:

I was finally able to send the support ticket :slightly_smiling_face:

[Funcom Support #1072619]