Account sites not allowing me to Logon to re-activate accounts

I’m having trouble re-activating my accounts. I’ve tried both these sites and browsers Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Edge has the show password button, so I know the password is right. I’m running windows 11

Funcom - Registration and Subscription
Funcom - Account Management (

The error I get when its fails “invalid password”.

I did try using the forgot password on one account, but still comes back with invalid password after I try the new password that was emailed me.
I tried creating the account again on one that is locked, and the error says invalid email.

I was able to get 3 froob accounts opened on my laptop.
Reading somewhere it might be an IP issue. I used my smart phone to successfully open my Paid account and purchase a subscription.

I then used my smart phone as a hot spot, and I was able to activate two more Froob accounts.

I still have other froob accounts that are still frozen, and I am stil.l unable to access them through the two sites.

Current status:
Accounts that I was able to activate are accessible through the game.
Only some of the activated accounts are accessible from my PC through these SITES after I reactivated them.

The website [ ] works on my phone for ONLY my paid account.

All my accounts have the same email.

My thought its my IP address is being blocked or the sites are broken. Unable to manage a person’s account especially PAID accounts is BAD!

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