Can*t receive mails from other toons

3 Day ago I made a new toon. I can send mails to other toons from this toon, but I can’t receive any mails. Any suggestions?

Have you tried sending something simple like a health potion?

Yes, but didn’t work also.

From the character the item is being sent from does it display the item with the icon on it after clicking send?


Some characters have that bug. Mails from buying something off the trader work, but not from other players. There is no fix. The character is just buggued and with the way things are going it’s forever. If it’s a fresh low lvl toon you might want to just remake it. This bug seems thankfully very rare.

I thought it was related to failed transfer attempts but I have it on a recent toon that I never tried to transfer (my ToS) and it’s actually a different bug. My toons that failed to transfer (sin, bs) get auto-booted from guilds randomly and trying to send mails to them says “unknown recipient” so it’s yet another different issue.

Im sure the sub-fee will eventually solve this issue. Have trust in the live service.