My character cannot receive mail

I can send items or coins from my character to others, including my own on the same account etc, but it seems I cannot receive any sent to me. When I either send things to myself in the mail or when someone else tries to send something to me, the thing stays with the sender forever. After over a week, I have yet to get a response from the petition I made, so I reckon I should rather create a new character?

Possibly start using some sort of letter pigeon/letter-wench

Go to your appdata folder, find Funcom and delete the offline character folders. Chats and waypoints will disappear. Don’t know if that works, but that can fix a few other things so might be worth trying.

This is another bug introduced within the last two years, funcom have no plans to fix it.

are you trying to transfer a “can only have one” item ?

Characters that I’ve tried to transfer and failed, can’t receive mail.

[15:27] Unknown recipient Nobelaner.

It happens to characters that failed to transfer but also randomly (and rarely) to some recent characters that were never moved or anything. There is no solution other then remaking the character if you are affected.

It’s no big deal with items because they stay in your bank, but you can lose gold that way by sending to characters that never receive it.