My send gold error?

Hi Funcom ! I have had a general problem with my account , I send a money (3 gold first time , 2 gold second time) from one character to another on my account and money didn’t show up in Action House I dont know what’s going on , I hope you will answer me quickly , actually I have this problem first time ever and in the past everything was alright about that I sending money without any problems since 2009 when i starting playing this title as a kid

I have been sending a money from character’s name Mackillerr to Morigans

As and always stay awesome !

As coin only mail does not leave a message you can cancel if something goes wrong I send with an item so I can trace it.
Sometimes the receiving character has to relog or change zones before new mail will show up on the Postal tab of the trader.
This is an example of the work-around I do when I want to send coin.
A) have the toon I want to receive the coin send an ingame mail to the character with the coin.
B) use the “reply” function to initiate the mail
C) attach any random item to the mail Eg one health potion
D) add coin amount to the mail
E) send mail

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Hi Mackiller99, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble sending gold between your characters. This isn’t something Support can investigate for you over the forums. Please submit an in-game petition if you’re still unable to receive your gold after closing and restarting the game. You can open the petition interface using the “/petition” command in your chat window.