How to send mail/trade as f2p

Hey, is it possible to give my few gold to someone else, in game? By mail/trade. Or is it only possible from the trader if you pay the sub?

You can use the ingame postsystem at the tradeposts. “Send mail” to a chosen character and “attach gold” or use the direct trade when standing next to someone else. Should both work as f2p as long as it’s your “free” money and not the locked/saved part of it.

Also you can only mail to the same server, Crom to Crom or Fury to Fury.

Be sure not to exceed the gold cap of the receiving part. For F2P any exceeding amont would automatically get locked.

And: It’s a good idea to send gold together with any item. You then can see when the gold was received and even cancel your message if necessary.

Thank you everyone! All of you gave useful info :slight_smile: