Can we get a scale added to the height?

Why do the short height and tall height look similar to eachother. I compared it with two characters. Also Im trying to make a character based of a russian …So I should I choose hyborian?


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I thought Hyperborean would be more fitting.

You should be able to adjust height no matter who you choose. After the old height bug we stick with vanilla don’t like stooping to get in a door if it’s still a thing.

Hyborians are based on the Rus. Hyrkanians are based on Mongols / Scythia

“Hyborians” are composed of a great number of civilizations such as the Aquilinians, the Corintians, the Nemedians, Brythuntians, Kothians, Ohirians. None of these are even remotely based on the Russians.

The Hyperborians are a more barbaric people from whom the more civilized Hyborian nations all decended from. Again, not really fitting.

To a degree that is somewhat accurate. Look at the vast swath of land the Hyrkanian’s occupy, and the simple fact that the Turanian’s themselves ARE Hyrkanian (and not even remotely Mongolian but more Ottoman Turk). The Hyrkanians are not one single people even though they may have started out as one (the decedents of Lemuria enslaved by the Khari and after thousands of years of enslavement [and no longer remembering their Lemurian ancestry] they rose up and destroyed their former masters causing them to flee [which in turn caused the Khari to eventually fall upon the Giant Kings and take over Stygia] ). But as they spread out over this massive landmass they would have incorporated many different peoples into their own and yes, the ones closes to Khitai would be very much based upon the Mongols the ones on the other side of their teritory closest to the Villeyet Sea would be very different than those.

Thus, the most logical choice would be the Hyrkanians.

To my understanding, Turanians are Kazakhs. Hyrkanians would be more Mongols / Siberian, so yes - Hyrkanian would be fine as Russian.

Now I need to read more because my understanding was that Hyperborea was Russia.

Ultimately the Hyrkanians spread across the steppes until they reached the great inland sea (The Vileyet Sea). A group of them cross this sea and, while conquering the peoples on the other side and incorporating them into their own genetic makeup also decided to settle into the area as there were no more steppes to traverse on this side of the sea. They began building more permanent settlements and eventually cities and a great and powerful nation, Turan. However, they are still Hyrkanian and are consistently called such throughout the writings even though if you look at the society they are building it is the basis for what will become the Ottoman Turkic style (clearly not religious wise but architecture and clothing and such).

Now according to the Hyborian Age essay, at the end where he explains what happens when the Hyborian Age itself ends this is what Robert E. Howard has to say.

The Hyrkanians, retreating to the eastern shores of the continent, evolved into the tribes later known as Tatars, Huns, Mongols and Turks.

Since he has established on a consistant basis that the Turanians ARE Hyrkanian it is safe to say that they were on ones who evolved into the Turks. The Hyrkanian’s east of the Vileyet likely comprised the Huns, the Mongols and the Tartars but that is speculation (aside from the Mongols obviously which were the eastern most group of them). There is no reference to Russian or Russ specifically but also from the Eurasian steppes there is this.

Other clans of the Cimmerians adventured east of the drying inland sea, and a few centuries later mixed with Hyrkanian blood, returned westward as Scythians.

So again, the only group of people who really are constantly in that region, and who are the progenitors of most peoples on that area, are the Hyrkanians.

Hyborian Age is 12,000-10,000BC. Modern day Russians (in Conan Lore) would have been the results of mixed breeding over millennia.

The races in the character creator are just presets. You can choose Darfari for example and make them look identical to the Nordheimer preset race. So with that you can use the customization to get close enough, especially as the race has no bearing in gameplay besides being a preset.

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