Can we get another chosen of asura in 2021?

Wassup folks it Swagzilla2u and if would like to see another memeber of the forum community receive recognition and gain the title Chosen Of Asura chjme in here please. Its been a long time since we have had one…

Hi there,

Wrong forum; if you are able to change your original post, you probably need to set the following:


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Updated. Good catch Broc

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The program has been put on hold.


As much as I’d like to see more of our forum regulars become whackable NPCs in the game, I kinda understand the reasoning, as well as the new solution. The fact that Funcom still recognizes these exceptional individuals and values their feedback means that these people can continue contributing towards a better game and a better community, without the ballast of a forum badge that too often becomes a target for hostility breeding from jealousy or bitterness.

And it also means that it discourages “wannabe-Chosen” behavior from people who only want the recognition but may otherwise lack the good qualities of a constructive member of the community.

Moreover, this gives us “normal” users a better opportunity to support our valuable community members without getting stuck on forum titles or badges or whatever. A good person is a good person, whether or not they’re wearing medals. We can show our respect and appreciation towards each other by remaining friendly, polite and constructive at all times.


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