One year ago today, the last Chosen of Asura was named

It was the Asuran for April 2020, Jim1

I morn the loss of this program.
It kept me returning back to the forum.
It kept me civil (more or less)
I really wanted to be chosen, but I suspected I was never good enough.

And unfortunately I can’t help but wonder just how much the Tencent takeover had to do with the end of this program, it happened around the same time.

No matter what the real reason, that will always cast a pall on the takeover in my mind.


Nothing to do with Tencent and everything to do with toxic chuckleheads who kept bashing the Chosen at every opportunity. Not only was it popular to bash on the Chosen, it was also – in some people’s minds – the gravest “insult” to call someone a “wannabe Chosen of Asura”.

Funcom’s gesture was well-meant and it’s not their fault at all, but it ended up painting a target on certain people’s heads. It drove most of them to either post much less frequently or become much more bitter in their replies. :frowning:

Internet is full of people who exemplify the phrase “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

See also:


Well I must have missed the memo, I did notice that a few chosen stopped posting, I know @Barnes switched to a different game, but he never mentioned and harassment to me, and cited other reasons for the switch. He’s apparently back playing Conan Exiles now btw.

I never would have tolerated online abuse over a title, but I suppose my erratic and volatile nature is also why I never had a chance in the first place. :slight_smile:

I did see that thread by @Wak4863 and agreed about @Nerelle who I understand was invited into a closed test server in lieu of the title and “free dlc’s forever”. which is one of the reasons I still think there is more to the story than we are privy to.

I love that Funcom had this program. I always make my first base by Sinner’s Refuge so I can get the Chosen as thralls. lol. Shame that some people had to target the Chosen, since they were Chosen because of how much they helped the community.

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And now you can rename thralls so you can pay homage to anyone you choose. Oh, and Funcom do slip in some unannounced ‘easter-eggy’ stuff here and there - just keep your eyes and tendrils out in Exiled and Siptah. :wink:

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That would be my suspicion, too. We only have to look at how some members of the mod community are treated on the forum to see how a certain segment will react when they feel that someone has visibility.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if Funcom did offer some kind of community recognition, people declined and preferred to stay below the radar…

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I was typing a long message to offer some insight on this “test/feedback” group but then I remembered how this bit me in the ass last time when I tried to do so. So I will just say that I do enjoy bug hunting and testing so for me this is a great opportunity to do what I consider myself good at. I can also relay issues which I consider myself game-breaking much quicker and much earlier, many of which I find on the forums posted by fellow players or passed to me by members of the communities I am part of. Not everything can be fixed right away but it certainly helps identifying the issue as early as possible.

P.S. For the record, I have not been promised “free dlcs forever” for participating in this group.


I’m just going through a new playthrough and my first stop looking for nice thralls was Sinner’s Refuge. And the first one I got was exactly the one I’ve been waiting to catch since they announced they would be adding it: @Larathiel! Can’t wait until she’s off the wheel, there’s so much left to smelt :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, you know, I’ve never captured myself because Siptah was in testing by the time I finally got added to EL. :sweat_smile:


I mean, my nomination would easily go to @CodeMage. Very active forum user, never toxic or even negative from what I’ve seen, has helpful opinions in chat…Sounds fine to me. Just wonder what kind of name they’d give the Thrall. Caede Moge? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, hell no. Don’t even joke about that, man :smiley:

I’m flattered, but that’s far from the reality. I’m plenty negative. I try not to be toxic, but I don’t always succeed :man_shrugging:

But seriously, even if the Asuran program was still alive and even if Funcom had the bad judgment to pick me, I really don’t need more hate. I’ve earned enough dislike on my own, I don’t need help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never really caught any out right abuse. (Not in discord myself (mute) Or maybe I’m use to just scrolling over bad comments. And giving them good ol ignore. XD

I think my main vocal against some of them was… “who heck are you?!” How did you get it over some of others. XD

I don’t visit PC section much, So I know a few are active in there, few others were chosen cause of wiki. (few of them didnt seem active on forums)

Last I read, Asuras would return after Spitah official release. Thou I’m aware of secret group that got invited to test out some new forum stuff. So maybe that changed.

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Well, I have been promised “free dlcs forever” too - I do have to pay for them of course, but am completely free to choose to buy them and free to use them whenever I want. I think I am free to unload them too if I wish, but feel that I will freely not allow myself to do that :slight_smile:

You need to know you’re one of my most cherished server mates of all time, going all the way back to TestLive. You got a good energy, and it comes through the wires even if you were quiet in chat.

Much later, we sat atop my nifty tree base and just listened to the beautiful night and the Noob Musics, not typing anything. I think of it as quiescent. And then, like a summer blast, a change was in the wind. I know I speak in metaphor sometimes, because it’s like a code for the careful reader; it really wasn’t my place to bag on Funcom’s process, but that process was at the time luring a bad element into the game.

Conversely I suspect with this current resurgence of interest there’ll come stand-outs who also deserve the title of Asuran. I’m not naming any names, y’all already heard my picks earlier on. Best of luck to you, and Rock On @droch-aon, your energy and experience keep you in my running. :slight_smile:

I am not so sure about this one myself, and I have other theories which have evolved over time. I have seen all almost all Asuras cease to maintain a regular presence here on the forum with the exception of two; myself and Multigun. One theory I have developed for this is that once a member has attained the title, in many ways they have achieved the highest possible level of prestige and success available here on the forum. And as such, like many boxers and athletes, they retire while on the top of their game. And I personally feel that without those higher level goals to drive us forward and motivate us for better things we become disinterested. But here is where me and Multigun may be a little different.

I am happy to speculate Multi’s here, but only with his blessing, as I feel that I would be doing him a diservice throwing around baseless assumptions as to his innermost workings. But for myself, I still have not hit the highest level goal. You see, for me winning the Chosen of Asura award was never my highest goal. Although it was an absolutely delightful honour and one I wolud not change for the world. But no…my highest goal here on the forum, and one which I am yet to see fully realised here has always been more Crom goodies/artifacts! :mountain_snow: So those higher level goals have always kept me here and striving ever harder.

Well that was my own theory anyway. :man_shrugging:

Hey y’all,

Just to clarify. The Chosen of Asura program was discontinued as it previously existed, for a number of reasons. We were ultimately not happy with some of the drawbacks it caused for us, and the community.
We instead worked behind the scenes and remodeled it into its new current form where we feel it’s more meaningful where it most matters.

We hope that clears the confusion.


You know I hate to break it to you there mate, but in the unlikely event that the program should ever happen to make a comeback: I am formally endorsing CodeMage for the title of Chosen of Asura.

Oh and don’t worry my friend, I assure you that I am not joking.


I might be around, but I respond about 95% less then I used to (along with drastically less visitation) for a reason. There are others whose names I won’t bring up as they deserver their peace, were greatly influenced for their observed absence for the same reasons.

Heck, there are non Asurans (but are otherwise wonderful contributors) who don’t respond as often anymore, or if they do they come off as a lot less friendly then previously known for (sounds familiar…), for once again, the same reasons.

CodeMage’s statement is accurate.


Forgive me for seeming tone deaf or insensitive in my previous replies. I have not experienced any unusual hate, for I’ve pretty much always been a lightningrod since my early days at Steam. At the time I was blessed with this title and an NPC in the game, I was preparing to bunker in for a long haul for what I expected was a very bad bug. The nexus of the pandemic and my health, plus my small businesses, not to mention my political involvement placed a very narrow “focus” on my available time. The fundamental is: if you can’t see, you can’t play.

It makes me unhappy to think this program has become a source of woe. Especially when it has affected some of my favorite brethren in the game.


speaking of, Corms the faithful is brewing up a storm in my meadhall

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