Chosen of Asura / Recognition

While there hasn’t been a Chosen of Asura in well a little under a year and it is probably safe to say that there may not be anymore chosen. I would like to petition 2 things.

  1. Revisit the coding for Mij and make him the blacksmith he is supposed to be. Currently he is an alchemist.

  2. Probably more importantly I would like to bring your attention to @Narelle. Narelle was helping players before I came to the forums almost 2 years ago, has consistently played and reported on testlive, and is one of the most active and helpful community members on the forums. Testing, double checking and supplying accurate advice and feedback on an almost daily basis.

I would petition Funcom to consider Narelle for some sort of acknowledgment, whether it is just here on the forums or in game I believe that Narelle has earned some recognition. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please do consider Narelle for some form of recognition inside the Conan Exiles community.


+1 for @Narelle :crossed_fingers:


+1 for @Narelle :+1:


+1 for narelle, @Tascha


Thank you, @Wak4863 :heart: I really don’t need a special title that would make me a target for all the hate every time I post. I am just trying to help and not get involved in all the drama but sometimes it is really hard to stay out of it. I am a human too. :speak_no_evil: As long as I manage to help those who need help or at least point them in the right direction, I have achieved my goal.

Most of my “work” is done behind the scenes but I am really hoping that all of us together can help Funcom improve on the game. I wish all those people struggling on officials could see how good the game can be with the right community and a few simple rules.

As for the recognition, a simple thank you or a little heart on a post are worth a thousand words. Thank you @ Kanza1 @ Technicolorfool @ Twitchy


Well then @Narelle here’s a big thanks from me being as you helped out with so many people’s posts I didn’t have a complete answer or understanding of.


I understand and respect your position. While it was probably implied in my original post I didn’t say it outright.

Thank you for the time and effort you have put into the forums, and the testing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for always being there and helping out, @Narelle, and for being nice, calm, and polite despite the toxicity. I agree with @Wak4863 that you deserve some kind of recognition for all of that, but you’re right that it would be tantamount to painting a bullseye on you :smiley:

May you have fun with Conan Exiles for a long time :heart:


Here here. Totally agree that @Narelle deserves official recognition (and in a better world she’d feel comfortable accepting that recognition). She doesn’t just contribute here on the forums, she also contributes in a similar fashion on multiple discord servers.


Yes, this here. To Wak you will listen!


Hitler either Gandhi, are both in history books. Gandhi I believe didn’t chose it, he just did what he thought it was proper to be done for the human kind and he did it. My dear @Narelle , every time I summoned you you helped, every time someone asks for help in the forum you are there providing your knowledge, so @Wak4863 is right. It would be very Alien to read something different from you, ofcurce you are above these things, but I believe that it would make you happy and us too, because you deserve it :wink:.


Another +1 for @Narelle from a new player trying to survive.


Well @Narelle I am older and definitely heavier than some so I am going with a +1.5 .Could stand to be more nimble. Bedside you have plenty of followers on the forum to watch your back. Ps.I hope that makes sense.


@sestus2009 , More than you know my friend or… More than we know :joy::joy::joy:. Still it makes great sense, plus through you, your wife can vote too, so 2.5 is the correct number of your vote :wink:.


I like what Wak4863 is suggesting.
+1 for Narelle getting a Chosen of Asura. She deserves it.
I would also like to see Ignasis and Hugo ingame as NPCs :sweat_smile:


I just searched on wiki and i can’t believe I didn’t know that. :joy:


Last time it was mention, they were waiting for Siptah full release before bring Asuras back.

We got abit of a wait. =3


Hello everyone,

The Chosen of Asura program has been put on hold and we are no longer are adding any new members to it. The program caused a number of issues, from logistical to received perception by other members in the forums, that we wanted to address.
In its place we have started a closed beta tester group, which includes all the Chosen of Asuras to date, and other members of our community (modders, regulars, content creators), which is being used as a focus feedback group with a direct line of communication with the team. @Narelle is a valued member of that group.

Regarding Mij, we’ll send note to the team as a bug report.


Thank you @Dana, we really appreciate it :+1:.


Every time I see the name Dana I just hear Arnold Schwarzenegger from True Lies screaming it at the top of his lungs.

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