Can We have pets?

I seem to remember In Big Bang Theory season 1, when Penny got addicted to Age of Conan, Howard’s character had a white tiger pet. As a WoW player back then, I assumed he was like a Hunter.

So was that just Hollywood being completely inaccurrate? Or can we have pets like tigers that fight with us? And if so, is it Rangers?

There are multiple pets ingame, but most are “social” which disappear when the fight starts.
But there are fighting pets as well. Don’t expect too much since their damage is really low.
If you want the tiger you need the “Rise of the godslayer”-expansion. In the area of Chosain you can level up the faction of Tamarins tigers and get a tiger companion. If you just follow the questline you train your tiger to become a fighting pet. In the end you can do a quest to make it a mount instead of keeping it as pet.

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What I’d really want is a wolf. Non-fighting would be fine, that way it won’t get killed. :slight_smile:

You can get one from the wolves of the steppes faction in northern graslands.
It looks a bit strange, but officially it’s a wolf.
Same like with tiger faction: level up the faction and do their quests.

It can’t get killed, you can spawn it in most areas, just not in dungeons/raids.

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Some pets are quite useful in solo play for questing and solo dungeons but all the decent ones come from rise of the godslayer expansion

My MMO experience is limited to 7 years of WoW. I’ve only played survival games since CE first went early access. So I’m definitely feeling like a fish out of water in AoC.

Trust me stick with it I can honestly say it’s the only game I keep coming back to :heart_eyes: ….the combat the lore and the music just keep sucking me back in ….levelling gets abit grindy but all the dlc zones freshen up the levelling process but the game begins at lvl80 the Khitai expansion is just the best content in the game I can go on and on about this game but best experience it for yourself :joy:


Can the wolf be made a mount as well? And at about what level can I start the quesats to get him?

Also, since you seem to know quite a bit and are being very helpful, can Rangers solo as melee? I chose Ranger since I preferred Hunters in WoW, but WoW had targeting to make ranged combat more bearable for me. AoC doesn’t seem to have targeting from what I’ve seen.

Yes, the wolf can be turned into a mount as well.
The areas in which you can get these tiger/wolf are for lvl 80. Experienced players can solo these earlier, but fir a new player I’d recommend to wait until you reached 80.

Ranger has several melee attacks (especially ccs), but best damage output comes from ranged attacks. Even when being in meleerange you should still use bow/x-bow.

I never played wow, so I’m not sure how targetting works there. In aoc you can choose targets by clicking on them or by using “tab”-key (maybe you need to check options if it’s activated, there are some options concerning targetting you can set on/off). If the target is activated and within range you just need to look vaguely into the direction of the mob to hit it.

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Thank you for the info! :smiley:

When you make them a mount, do they disappear when you’re not riding? Because I’d like him walkiing beside me in towns and such.

They will disappear, yes.

You’ll need a pet, if you want someone walking next to you.
Mounts are only visible when you are mounted and disappear when you dismount.

You can buy a wolf/ tiger mounts with guilding tokens from all the major city hubs then do the quest line for wolf and tiger and at the end of the quest line you get the option to keep them as combat pets or turn them into mounts


If you choose to do the tigerquestline once you enter the bamboo forest killing the mothertiger you can by having a full inventory pick up all 3 tiger specimen. start 1 as your mount and if you finish questing and have your mount click on the next tigercub and you will get both mount and pet.