Can we pretty please have heavy armor that isnt useless?

seriously it is so bad, yes you can take alot of hits sure, but you take sooooo many more hits wearing heavy armor than fx medium, which rolls almost aswell as light armor, the ‘‘dodge’’ on heavy armor is pretty much pointless, its only barely faster than just walking backwards, yes you can use a shield but then theres the problem of any time you get hit, you are staggered and then you just cant raise your shield fast enough and get hit 3,4 or 6 more times, depending on how many you are fighting, with medium armor you can still take a good amount hits, and just roll right out of the way, wearing heavy armor looks awesome but its almost more of a detriment than wearing nothing. It really doesnt feel remotely balanced at all, and i dont know much about light armor, havent really used it, but it seems that the light roll is barely better than the medium, which makes it feel like either medium armor is OP as hell, or the others are just too weak, with heavy being the worst since you can barely move in it.

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