Can we tame the hero NPC in unnamed city?

I tried to spawn them as thralls in single player by used admin.

They have 10k Hp and I was like… wow , so I head back to the Official server and build thralls taker station fast.
But after I go to try in Official server , I can’t knock them.

:frowning: anyway to tame them ?

I would say no. I tried with a T4 fighter wearing Legion armor, both of us had improved steel truncheons, we worked on him for awhile, but he didn’t lose any HPs at all. I had to eventually kill him to save my thrall.

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I had a similar experience, although my thrall was wielding a real weapon while I was using an augmented steel truncheon. The Boss relic hunter didn’t seem to lose any “KO hitpoints” so we had to murderize her.

They are essential to removing corruption through the eating of their hearts. Yum!

But they do not have KO HP. They are not designed to be thralls. They are just regular NPCs

No you cannot.

Their Treasure Hunter Friends are on par with T4 Volcano thralls though, so you might wanna get those.

Cano fighters are slightly better in the HP department I believe

Thank you so much for answer guys :slight_smile:

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