Relic hunter fighter or bandit chief?

What’s the best ?

If you mean a treasure hunter fighter from unnamed city and bandit leader from sepermeru, they have the same hp and do well when fighting even though the treasure hunters seem to be a bit picky when it comes to weapons in my experience.

My experiments thus far support what Narelle says. Bandit leaders seem to fight effectively with anything you hand them, Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers seem to randomly decide they aren’t interested in fighting with a particular weapon, but after a while and playing with some other weapons in the meantime they, too, can eventually figure out how to use any weapon.

Until they forget it again, that is. So far I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern to this behavior.

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I have found, after testing, there is no discernable difference between Bandit Leaders in Sepermeru, Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers in the Unnamed City, and named T4 thralls from the Volcano. That’s good news in giving players options from where to get top-level thralls. All three types seem to equal to one another (meaning, its only a matter of preference).

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um i found some named fighter in the volcano that only had 6700 HP instead of the 7500 of the bandit leader

ok guys thanks ! i Actually now prefer T4 bearers with sword of crom

I have the solution for when they don’t attack, take their weapon and let them fight bare hands for a bit, now while they are fighting bare hands give them the weapon you want and that should work

But after that don’t give them any other type of weapon from the one you gave them before, no orb and no pickaxe too

The only other thrall i use for myself is delinsia cause she is a beast with the truncheon

hope that works for you it does with me (PS4) !

Dalinsia with Lovetap is a real stunner!


Memorize what weapon the seekers spawn in with. That is their favored load-out.
I focus on capturing spear using seekers, because they also use 2 handers.

Don’t bother with archers. Fighters do more dmg with the bow.

One handed specialist Seekers ought to outperform Dalinsia.

I always unpack thralls at a thrall armory, where i can load up favored loadouts on a per-thrall basis.

I have 2 Garrisons. The riot police (armed with truncheons and shield) and the Vanguard (armed with 2 handers)

I decomissioned the archers and just use fighters with a bow side-arm, because they hit more often with range then with slow-acquiring weapons. They aren’t as prone to getting stunnned while other comrades are tanking.

It is more likely for 5 archers to hit 1 target, than it is 5 melees all being able to hit 1 target, because the target get’s punted out of range of most of the stance-locked melee.

It’s a shame blunted arrows do more harm than stun.


just stay out of the way because friendly fire is very deadly

in PvE this is not an issue.

I’m not sure how PvP do it. They have their very own meta for everything.

Your thralls will kill u in PvP if u get in their way.

Also, unless I’m doing it wrong, blunted arrows are broken. Would really love someone to tell me I’m doing it wrong and show me how.

I wish Entertainers were more viable because they always do a victory dance :smiley: nothing like watching them dance over the corpses of your enemies, but their damage is so weak. Especially compared to the T4 sherpas…

Also I like to give all my guards a dead leg or dismembered arm with an advanced blunted weapon kit. Funny watching the NPCs get beaten with the limbs of their cousins XD

And yes, blunted arrows suck even with an advanced blunt kit on a bow.


I have observed that if you move, shift, forcibly equip or switch a weapon while he or she is in aggro they will often refuse to continue fighting even with a favored wep. I move them out of the area, force-equip another wep like lifeblood, then wait about 30 seconds. Take back all weps, place intended wep back on board, should be good to go. I’d be interested to know if you’ve seen similar behaviors.


If they forget how to use 1h weapon, then they will use 2h weapon. Give them a 2h weapon, watch until they swing. Then take their 2h weapon away. Watch until they use fists. After that give them 1h weapon and they will use it. Works every time.


I will try to test with the weakest bow (basic hunting 6 dmg I think) tonight. I know my Huntress was pushing them through their skull

It works ill create a thread: Blunted Arrows - DECODED!

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Don’t give them daggers. Give them a spear or 2 handed sword. Daggers cause them to tumble out of aggro range. However kicking does not.

If they tumble they Will start dancing. If they don’t they will remain in combat range and perform combos. Archery is also not a good choice for them.

I have successfully used Luba and The Dramatist to take down foes.

But never with Daggers.

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I give everything Sword of Crom. Entertainers literally do about 1/10 the damage of a bearer. I was curious so I tested out all the thralls. Actually Captain might of done a little more damage than the bearer, but not that noticeable.

Are you saying they are now equal in health too? Not so long ago Votaries fighters had 9k health, and Bandit leader only have 7k - just captured my first one yesterday.

Just did some silver mine runs. The bearer took a beating but Pelor came out on top with the Crom Blade. The male scorpion boss beat the tar out of the bandit leader. Both successfully beat the scorpion male but that things crowd control is insane. Pelor mainly did better because of his HP.

He was down to 7000 from his 9000+

The female scorpion would not engage so she really did nothing. I just posioned her to death with arrows. Cuz I needed the thralls to Regan.

I know it is not what u asked but till now the T4 bearer thralls are the best in my opinion. It also doesnt matter if you use them as a fighter or archer…they are just better than all the rest + best HP