Can you take the HEAT?



Question: When making a team can we only have 5 people? Not thinking about in the match, obviously we only have 5 people there, but can we have a reserve? Thinking in case someone is prevented from showing up to a time slot.

And different question, for the players signed up, can they change among their own characters, or are they signing up with one character?

Just to be sure i understand it right. You want us to register the members of the team, not just the team name?


Maybe put on time limit per match? I mean there is a chance that first fight might take whole Event time and end up both having target alive? I mean, can 5 DPS out damage sustain Tank with 4 healers? Or perhaps deny re-entry for killed player. Just my 20 millimeters…


Valid point. I may limit matches to 10 minutes then with a death match between the target players at 10 minutes. I don’t actually foresee this happening for a couple reasons. Firstly sustain tanks are fairly useless in PvP and secondly with 1 sustain tank TARGET and 4 healers this team would have no chance at defeating the other teams TARGET. I mean they could do it just to troll though. My guess that something with high mobility would be the best setup for the TARGET but again there’s only so far you can run. But regardless its a good fail safe to have in place.

Original post has been updated with the SUDDEN DEATH scenario.


Can have more then 5 if you wish to have reserves but as you mentioned only 5 from your team on the field. Also having reserves wont give your team multiple matches. What I mean by this is that if you have a total of 8 players in fight club (with 3 on reserve) once your match is finished any non pre registered groups of players present will have the option to play a match before your team will be up again. Obviously welcome to stick around and watch the games though. Also yes it would be player names I would need and not a team name. However I am fine with just taking a team leaders name under the assumption that they will bring a team of 5 to one of the time slots.


Thanks for the clarifications =). I assumed we had to sign up everyone on the team to not have some players play in multiple teams but team leader it is thanks =).


A few days away and got a couple teams ready to go. Reminder to get teams into me if you want priority in que for the matches. If not though just show up for the LOL’s, will be able to watch matches from the stands and group with anyone there to participate in matches.


Was fun thank you xD


So a little update on last nights 5v5 matches. Not the smoothest event I’ve tried to hold by any means, however, their was a lot learned and I have some plans going forward that might make it a more tangible event in the future. Before I begin there was a lot of hesitation to attempt this due to lack of registered teams (I had 2 teams message me total) but my focus was on Shambala and using the forums as the only means of finding teams was not a very good approach. So here are the takeaways from last nights 5v5 testing.

1.) This will need to be a PRIVATE event. By that I mean I cannot open it to the general public an announce for anyone to attend. It creates absolute chaos as 80% have not read the forum post nor will they bother to and they end up either getting frustrated and leaving or staying and perhaps unintentionally disrupting the matches. To avoid this I will need to establish ~5 teams and have only said teams meet up at a scheduled time.

2.) There is the potential for a reasonable amount of imbalance. Either in skill or in gear as the EFB does not account for signets and agents. I wanted to avoid gear stipulations at all costs because it only complicates matters and is difficult to “police” however their may need to be some level of match making especially when encountering extremes on the spectrum. To accomplish this it would be nice to have at least 2 teams that are endgame gear to allow for some balanced matches, other teams are more then welcome to challenge these teams regardless of gear but wont be expected to. Exact speculations on what will be considered as an endgame team I’m unsure of but will likely involve max red signets to begin with.

3.) Lastly i will be updated the OP with some details on starting methods. These are subject to change however the method used last night seems successful and involved a countdown with each team starting at the opposite door on each side of the map, there is a center door as well which opens the potential for 3 teams but Ill try not to complicate things just yet. The 10 second timer before players are flagged seems adequate to position the teams in def locations on the map.