Cannot Connect to my own Dedicated Server (Local Host)


When the full launch happened we redid the server, and I was setting it up the same way as before. I cannot connect to my own server 95% of the time, but all of my friends can. I am hosting it from my own computer, and never had this problem when it was in EA. I am confused as to why this is now causing problems. I keep getting the “password not valid” on my end, and the server confirming it in the feed.

  • I have set my port forwarding to account for all used ports (7777, 27015, 27016)
  • I have checked the password, and it is definitely correct since everyone else is using it just fine.
  • I have tried using the admin password (shouldn’t work, but figured was worth a shot. It ofc didn’t work.)
  • I have 3 mods installed, and all are in the proper order as confirmed by the visual side on my Mod list and from other being able to get in with the exact same list of mods.

Does anyone else know why this would be happening? Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey, I also have this problem, i am hosting a server from my pc, and i have 30+ players online. I fresh installed it after the game come out. After i played 2,5 hours, i had to reconnect, and now i cant connect to my server. I have infinite loading screen… But the server says in the log i’m in… I can connect to my brother’s pc. But i want to play from that PC, where i am running the server! Really need a help in this problem… :frowning:

My server start.bat look like:
ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MULTIHOME= -QueryPort=27016

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I have the same problem, and neither me or my friends can see my server on the in game browser, but we can see it on the steam browser. But here’s the funny thing:

If I open the server first, and then open the game, the server list is empty, and if I try to connect to my server direct by ip, I get invalid password.

But if I open the game first, and then open the server, I get a server list (but mine is not on the list), and if I try to connect to my server direct, I can get in.

There’s some conflict when you open the server in the same PC as you are running the game. I hosted servers for games like The Forest, and never had any problems like this.

FunCom, you need to fix this crazy problem.

Funcom doesnt care about the issues revolving around this game. More so on player run servers. I mean if they dont care about their own servers why would they care about yours.

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