Cannot connect to my own server but friends can

I am hosting a private server on my PC that my friends have no problem connecting to. However when I try to connect to it myself nothing happens. Using the steam server browser… adding it as favorite causes it to show up. When I attempt to connect it asks for the password. I put in the password and then nothing happens, or alternatively, if I’m not in game it will load up Conan Exiles but then nothing happens.

I am also unable to use the server browser because no matter what I enter in the search fields after 10-15 minutes nothing shows up, not even official servers.

The help button on the main menu doesn’t work either…

I have deleted all local content and reinstalled the game and I’m having the same issue.

I have been thus far unable to find a topic on this issue using search on both google and bing… and on these forums as well and I’m looking for any help I could get.

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