Cannot connect to server, friend can

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Region: [ United States]
Mods?: *[ Are mods installed: Yes

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Been a few months since we’ve played on my server. Friend expressed interest playing again, checked to see the server was still online. We both reinstalled the game.

He could connect no problem. However when I connect, it crashes the server, kicks him, tells me “failed to connect.”

I’ve tried restarting several times, disabling mods, set server offline for several minutes. Nothing has worked. Randomly the server will show 9999 ping on Conan Exile’s server list. No matter what it will either instantly say failed to connect, or sometimes it will go to the mod update screen, (if enabled,) restart like it’s updating mods, go all the way into server loading screen, stay there for a millennia, then give me failed to connect.

I talked to G-Portal support, the moved the server hardware to see if that helped, changed nothing.

Got to attempting to join game, got into the loading screen, I had my friend login to test it before I attempted. He was in the server without issue, as the loading screen got to the end, he got kicked with the message “Disconnecting from server” CPU load on the server panel here went to 0% and I received “Failed to join requested game.” The server panel still shows that it’s online, but CPU load is a 0%

He cannot reconnect to game until I restart the server after being kicked from me trying to join.

G-Portal said it’s not on their end and cannot help me further.

Expected Behavior:

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Connect to server successfully.

Installed Mods:

CharEditLite- Recompiled
LitMan Level One Fifty Six
Emotes for Thralls
GoC 10k Stacking
Litman Loot Legendary Chests
Litman Increased Weight
Less Building Placement Restrictions
LTs Compass
Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
Deco & Placeables
Triangle Ceilings Fix
Swift Elevator
Shadows of Skelos Extended
Litman Hud Recompiled
Immerse RP : Buldings & Placeables Decor

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