Cannot contact to login server

I am in Eastern United State half a world away. And I am on steam…

Eastern US as well, going though the Funcom patcher, can’t log in either.

Western Europe here , going through FC patcher, no connection to login server.

Yup, just wanted to get my daily key, no login possible.

At least the login servers for the original still work and I learned I sold a bunch of cosmetics there

I also get “Cannot contact login server”. I have tried using both Steam and the regular launcher.

Steam counts as the game as running even if you only have the patcher up.

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same here using the game client (not steam) was connecting yesterday no problems windows network troubleshooting says its at funcoms end

Went to get daily login key, 6 hours later still cannot login. I wonder whether Funcom has noticed by now.
(stand alone game client)

I am experiencing the same problem :frowning:

SWL account page does not load either.

Me and my son in Ireland, plus friends in UK have the problem too.

I have same problem, logging via funcom game client from Poland

i called the funcom customer service call center, and while on hold waiting for an agent someone came on the line and informed me of something I wasnt aware of … my car warranty had expired.


We’re currently looking into the issue. Thank you for your patience!

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Login servers and game servers aren’t the same. When the login server goes down, if you’re already in then you will most probably be able to stay in.

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same problem here, since morning… same error… steam account too.

Same thing here in socal. Also, if I click on the Account button, I get “This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond.”

I suddenly can’t log in…is this a known issue?

yes if you scroll up you will see a Dev responded that they are looking into it.

Thank you.

we need progress, any word