Cannot drop items or assign to hot bar

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3730

Bug Description:

I cannot place items. I’ll go to drop an item, and some other item will drop. If I try and set a bedroll to my hotbar, it returns to my inventory, even if the space in the hotbar is open.

Bug Reproduction:

Open inventory. Hit triangle to drop something (putrid meat). Look at what was dropped. See (bark) or some other item from my inventory. Other issue – Hit L1 and clear a space in my hot bar. Go into inventory. Try to assign something placeable to the empty slot. It blinks and returns to my inventory.

I have a private PVE server, and there is no issue. Which is weird.


Have you tried using not sorted for your inventory this happening since a few weeks back. Went through the experience myself. @


I have. I found leaving things unsorted usually fixes this issue, but I’ve had instances where it still was buggy, and I had to cycle through sorting and not-sorting, especially when accessing boxes/benches that are sorted… I have a private server and play solo too, and neither of those settings have this issue. I am surprised an official server is having this happen. Thank you!

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Thank you for reporting this to us.

Do you have a video of this happening so our team can investigate better?

Thank you in advance!

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I don’t know… You Guys got a full description of the problem, easy to understand, well elaborated - are you just buying time now, by asking for a Video proof?
I don’t mean to be rude here, but instead playing CE I got the feeling this Game turns into the “Neverending Story of the (in) glorious BUGS. CE,” The Bugs Life"…

Thanks Buddy, at least your hint proves to be helpful - thank you, Survivor! :wink::+1:

Thanks for bringing up this topic. And I just wanted to say - your elaboration of the problem was easy to follow, now let us wait for another bu… ERHH I mean, “solution”. :blush:

Me to this bug America server 3504
this problem this happen


The explanation is good, but our team has found some troubles while trying to reproduce it.

For this reason, a video will help them understand exactly what is happening so they can reproduce it!

I hope this explains the situation.

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Thanks for the reply, indeed it helps, good luck to you in solving this issue @Sarealac :blush::pray:


I’m not sure how a video would be helpful in this case because the video isn’t going to show the cause. This has been reported across all modes of play since AoW Chapter 4 when the inventory changes were rolled out.

There’s no consistency on when this bug appears. Sometimes it’s when I’m building. Sometimes when I’m in a dungeon. Sometimes when I’m just exploring. I only know it happens when I attempt to manipulate my inventory (drop, swap hotbar items, or build). If it’s when I’m building, it’s extra fun because the UI tells you that you’re missing materials because it can’t “see” them even if I can when I open my inventory. I’ve been extra careful about dropping trash because of this bug but I’ve still lost things because the wrong thing ended up in a bag. Combined with the removal of custom sort (and no, “no sort” is not the same thing because it’s not persistent) and inventory management takes way longer than it used to, is more of a headache, and a major turn off to playing. I have a much harder time looking in my inventory to find the things I want.

OP, when this happens to me, I usually remove my helmet. The FPS tanks for a second and seems like the game completely freezes and then my helmet pops back on my head. Usually that “fixes” the issue for me, for a little while. But it’s such a pain. I’d really love all these horrible inventory UI changes to be reverted.

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I have found this issue in PS5 when I have any type of sort active. It does not occur when using “Unsorted”.

To be fair, I don’t like the sorting, so I just encountered this in the last 24 hours.

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Glad to see it helped some. Playing over the weekend didn’t have any problems but that’s on my private server didn’t make a difference originally no one I was playing with mentioned a problem. After so many bugs over the years I may be working around it with out realizing it I’ll always check my dropped loot bags. @AmonAmit


Same same, I even wrote a little Story about a Group of Exiles, suffering the most annoying Bugs haha.
Thanks for your hint again Bud! :blush::+1:

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