Cannot Escape A Hut Fort Storisbjorn

At x505, x465 approximate go up on the rampart above the storehouse courtyard, jump on top of the hut these coords. Jump through a hole in the roof.

There is no way out. /stuck only makes you move about, no door, no ladder. Only way is to port out, and that means I must do the entire quest instance again to get back to this point. If I had the suicide knife, maybe but I do not.

Not so much a bug but frustrating to port out and do it all again. That’s what I got jumping into holes I guess :grin:


Sorry to read that. The /stuck command could indeed have saved you from such a trap, but it must be given before the slightest movement. I know that’s very hard to do, by instinct one always tries to move.

Reminds me of a lvl 19 toon I let explore the Battle of Tortage scenario. - Well, I got stuck in a gap between two houses without any chance to escape. Asura is blocked there and coins can be used only from level 20 on. Rerolled a new toon, but some gold and goods at the bank were lost.

OK, that’s life… :grinning:

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While it does mean a wait, a /petition in-game can get you out of stuck situations like those.

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or you can just as easily level a new char up to the point you’ve got stuck since you have to wait 2-3 months to get a reaction regarding your petition anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, from what I hear, in-game petitions are back to fairly decent speeds, sometimes same day responses. With just the email support taking ridiculously long times.

Casters can always kill themselves without suicide dagger

I guess you mean “spellweavers”, right? :wink:

Also hox can kill himself by demon maw.

Couldn’t you have waited an hour or so and let the instance reset? That should place you somewhere else, most likely at day time in the Thirsty Dog Inn.

Indeed I waited at least one or two days where I tried to release the toon by myself. The Ini resetted and I was still in that hole. :angry:
There are two destiny quests where instances keep you inside when they reset, one is the Battle for Tortage, the second is Har-Shebes’ cave.

Reminds me of another experience I made with a different toon during Battle of Tortage some years ago (should have made me cautious with that instance):

After killing Strom and before talking to Kalanthes, I had a disconnect. After returning to Tortage the game put me into the normal night instance with no chance to contact Kalanthes anymore.
I even went with my lvl 20 to Kheshatta (great adventure!) to speak to Kalanthes there (no sucess).
Contacted a GM who helped me. He put my toon back to Battle of Tortage, waited untill I had killed Strom again, spoken with Kalanthes and travelled to my homeland. (That was in the good old days when they had support even for F2P.)