Cannot play since 3 weeks

How long does it take to fix the Problems? I cannot play a Game that i paid for since 3 Weeks. And i did not register as a Testperson. I would be happy if i can at least play the game without Sorcery. Is it not possible to bring the Game back to the Status before the Update ?! This must be a big Joke. Do you really think that i pay you Money in the Future after this?

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Are you playing on Exiles or Siptah? If Siptah go into play store and reload Siptah for free if you have a external drive you might have to do a bit more but it has fixed issues for others. If playing on Exiles folks are going to need more information to help.

Siptah. Thanks but it still doesnt work. And this could not be the Solution. Funcom should do something, or at least say something…

Your post is not very descriptive though.
You did not define “problems”… Is your game not even starting? Or you’re having issues with the invisible textures and the likes? or other bugs?.

Here’s the thing though, the game currently is working pretty well for most people on semi-proper hardware. Even most of the console issues were sort of fixed, but yes there’s some left behind.

I would like to point out though that in case you’re playing on a PS4… that is almost a decade old hardware and it’s not really designed to handle this game well… Will it work? yes… it sort of hits the minimum requirements… which means it should run on a fairly low resolution like 720p with low to medium graphics… and horrible loading times. These aspects of it will never be “fixed” since the hardware is just dated and it’s already holding back the game to even make it somewhat compatible, another update and they will probably have to drop ps4 support completely. Couple that with a slightly cluttered and “weather-beaten” unit that has been through a lot and it might not even start.

If the issues are related to the above, then sadly there’s not much they can do short of sending down poor Dennis to your place with an SSD in his hands to ask if he may please install it for you.

So just keep that in mind, now obviously if you have a newer unit and you’re having some unique issues then that would require more information.

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Mind you, Conan Exiles was released in 2018, on hardware that was relatively newish at the time (2014). The game had these issues even then, the rubberbanding, texture issues, etc. the problems never went away wholly.

And while the game may be “working” for the vast majority in some capacity - it’s not without hiccups for a lot of people with this new update.

There are several things here that are being confused, and I have seen a lot of players confuse these and treat everything under the same hat because they choose to “fill in the gaps”
I know when it released, I bought my copy in march 2017 just as early access began, however there are several things to note regarding the long persisting issues you mention.

The rubberbanding after login is a feature… not a bug… why? because back before the game released players were able to relog next to a base… and walk right into it before the walls rendered… and loot it dry. So they enforced a completely one-way puppet solution where even if you try to move, the server does not allow you until everything around you is loaded. So this was actually a solution to a much worse problem.

Typically though it is not an issue unless you’re playing on official servers… and here comes the nasty part… combine said above system with a bad hosting company with limited bandwidth and poor hardware… and you get rubberbanding that’s much more extensive than needed… and you get it even during regular play and not just when logging in.

So it’s not really a case of “the developers haven’t fixed it”… it’s a case of there’s nothing to fix because they should simply switch hosting companies…
There are private servers out there running the EXACT same server software made by Funcom with 60 concurrent players and running buttery smooth… simply because they’re hosted by a better company than g-portal… These aren’t “bugs”, sadly they end up being problems though because of this situation.

Now on top of that the ps4 released in 2013 december so yea… technically 2014… at the release date it was already 4 years old… in computing hardware age… that is already getting pretty old sadly… but now it’s really ancient… and things like long loading screens etc, those are mostly driven by the gaming hardware… here’s a video I made for another thread today
That’s the amount of loading time I get and rubber-banding when logging in, here’s another one from a bit earlier… that’s my volcano loading time…
And yes, while this is the PC version, it is technically the same game and the slow loading times on the PS4 aren’t because Funcom made it that way and it’s bugged… it’s because the PS4 has one of the slowest harddrives ever put into a console, and in contrast my game is running off an SSD in these videos.

Now this one I agree with… the update launch was crazy, lots of things broken for lots of people, however they fairly quickly started working on them and released a couple of patches which solved 99% of those initial issues, but yes there’s still some left. However don’t confuse those initial bugs with the state of things now, like when I said it’s working for the majority of people, I meant now after the 2 updates and not on launch day :stuck_out_tongue: cuz that indeed was a mess.

Hope that clears up some of the stuff… I’m not trying to start a debate here or defending Funcom or anything, I’m just trying to be realistic :smiley: and yea the game ‘can’ run on a PS4, you just need to lower the associated expectations and ofc the graphics settings and such.
I do agree that while not necessarily bugs… those lag etc issues with the hosting company are dreadful and I really don’t get why they don’t lean on g-portal a bit more or switch to a different provider. I’m pretty sure G-portal is responsible for 70% of the bad rep this game gets.


And that’s all I was getting at. If gportal was responsible - and Funcom isn’t putting pressure or opening it up to other hosting services, then it is indeed a funcom issue that needs to be addressed. Just not the one that people had been expecting or addressing.

I’ve been having fun with this update, but it kinda did break it a bit. And I totally get people out there mad.

Thank you, by the way. For the run down of what you did - most people don’t see it or explain it and I guess that can cause a lot more frustration.


Yup, me too and I can also understand people getting frustrated and impatient. In fact I did spend a considerable amount of time here on the forums trying to help out with “tech support” where I could as a “trying to help” thing so I’ve read quite a lot of pretty angry posts, sadly though there are things that no amount of online tips and instructions can fix and I can also imagine customer service employees losing some hair during this time :smiley: cuz while I CAN just walk away… for them it’s harder :smiley:


Hi everyone my wife and I played on our private ps4 server today everything was smooth tomorrow going back to our official game to see how things are fairing. We have people from around the world playing on our US server and most don’t seem to be having a problem. I don’t understand why others have issues our ps4s were new before and after the game came out.


What map are you currently playing on @sestus2009 ? Isle of siptah or exile lands?

Exiles Land. We do have a Siptah server have not been there recently thought it was a 3 month rental will check it out tomorrow or maybe tonight. Just tried logging in looks like they finally shut it down was only rented for 3 months earlier this year just realized it was still up last week. The only Siptah server we have played on this year. Off to Official pve server now

Took less than 2 minutes to get on official pve Ps4 server lagging when I logged in 4 berserkers and a dancer really close to my bed.

Depending on the issue, and if you are in a private server/official - you may wish to contact support for gportal.

My game went from unplayable to playable after hours of customer support. It may be something in their end - like another user suggested

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