Where is the update?

We have been waiting for months for you to restore at least part of a game that has been destroyed since 2.3 on PS4. Does it cost you so much to let us know why after weeks the PlayStation is the only platform left without? This silence is not acceptable, too many days have passed. If I had known, I would not have taken Siptga, it is so unplayable

The majority of funcom’s employees are on a mandatory summer vacation atm.


I don’t want to sound irritating , but I’ve seen changes since Siptah release without any update . When we had the Siptah release we didn’t have our inventory in order automatically after looting our body and some more . On official servers we have some bugs and crashes but you cannot say that the game is totally unplayable , at least I can’t , I actually started again 10 days ago and I am really happy so far , I play almost without problems . I have some bizarre differences from pc , for example yesterday I accept for first purge an Accursed purge , full of named fighters and archers but only one crafter , a tanner … go figure , yet the named fighters were not all of them purge Thralls but normal too .
You will tell me why is that different from pc ? Well some pc players fix a chart that indicates the locations and the purges you will accept , so in my location I shouldn’t accept Accursed purge , yet i did . This was always a game of surprises , I don’t believe someone will ever figure out 100% this game , after 3 years I still get surprised .

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I honestly did not understand if you play on PlayStation or PC, in any case I will tell you why on PS4 it is unplayable. The inventory takes about 10 seconds to load, practically every crafting activity is horrible now. The lag has deteriorated so much that it is impossible even to understand what is happening during a fight, even the sound is often totally out of time and the music doesn’t start. Gameplay has never been so unplayable in my opinion


Are you playing exile lands or Siptah , because if you speak about exile lands , you are totally right . I have bases that I maintain is 2 servers and it’s really funny , I may wait 10 minutes until I can see every placeable detail I have in my house :rofl::rofl::rofl: , yet far from my base I have not great issues , plus the craft speed is different , faster very faster .

ps. from 1996 Sony Playstation , pc only some games but very rare .

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This is the most recent information I have been able to find on the forum regarding the PlayStation Update.

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Geometry in base and bad lag when fighting larger enemies are the game breakers.

I came on to the chat hoping someone from funcom would do us a courtesy, but no, the game is unplayable, ive posted a few comments in the last couple of days so im not going to cover old ground. i’ve quit the game for now, im not logging in without some idea to whats going on, i cant walk around my own base guys, always felt a bit sorry for basic ps4 users, i dont get as much building spawn in lag, but the game does not know where i am on the map when im inside my base, the geometry in the software is a mess. enemy lag is bad too, the pools are unplayable when it comes to the large sized bosses, the vaults are suffering too.


Please read the last announcement regarding the update:


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