Cannot use healing items on Official

My character cannot use healing potions or bandages. Relogging has not helped, restarting the game entirely has not helped, and I’m dealing with a huge alpha wolf at my front door. This game is not playable without healing items, please help!

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It happened recently on our private server, I will investigate if it still happening tomorrow, sometimes at the server restart all is going well…

Unfortunately only way to fix this is removing bracelet so make sure your at base . It’s been happening to me also. Super tough when you are doing stuff

Get on and offf a horse this should work. Conan is built around bugs and work arounds.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reporting this issue but please make sure to use the given template when reporting a bug.

This template has most of the information we need to investigate issues and makes the process a lot quicker for all of us!

Please make another post using the template. You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template :smile:

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