Cant build land claimed for me but not for the clan member standing right next to me

Exactly what the subject says. I cant build, but clan member standing right next to me can.
While I’m here this game is a glitchy dumpster fire.
Spent hours building only to watch most of it disappeared right before my eyes no reason given
Go on an adventure, only to experience great lag, disconnect and come back dead.
So close to getting deleted. Only saving grace is that when getting around all the bs I sometimes have fun

12hrs later and a server reset still the same problem. Really irritating

hey, @Alwaysbekilling

based on your statement, have few suggestions (I could have understood some wrong)

Placing building items or other placables sometimes does not go overall smooth. Is there a problem with some specific items or overall? Also, you cannot build on exact location you are standing on (in case that is the reason)

Always an option of a bug, but note that there is a decay system in this game.
After certain time without contact of owner(s) a structure would decay (dissapear).
This time is dependent on how big/complex the structure is.
If not already done, I suggest you make a repair hammer, as it will show you the decay timer of a structure.

edit: ps4, not computer

There is also an option that the server us chose has high ping for you (several reasons for that), or that the server is glitchy atm. ATM few server are known on this forum to be problematic.
Would you care to share on which one you play?

Just trying to build a wall and gates. Clan member standing next to me was just so I could prove how broken this game is.
Just using foundation and obviously not trying to build in an occupied space.
As for a large amount of my stuff just vanishing, I had been active so decay wasn’t occurring. It all just vanished including 3 tier 3 alters.
The lag is real. Played on a couple different servers with same difficulties. Don’t have problems with any other game.

Vanishing bodies or bodies falling through the terrain is a huge problem too

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