Cant buy crom coins or battle pass or anything at all in teh bazar ,getting a steam overlay error

get a steam overlay error when trying to buy Crom coins, battle pass, or anything from the bazaar, Screenshot - 39947a1d186b154bbf9b29e8c165f145 - Gyazo
contacted Steam they say they will look into it, but keep replying with answers i didn’t even ask for, steam said i should contact you, and then report your answer to them, while its clearly a Steam overlay error
did everything they requested, including reinstalling Steam, Conan exiles, clearing overlay cache, and whatever else, I could

have no Steam ban or Steam vac ban even have 20 euros in my Steam wallet, was hoping i could buy Crom coins with it, in Conan Exile,but the same overlay error keeps popping up.

have done everything they requemeded to me

the only thing they do is put teh blame on you and your game, while its clearly a problem on their end

which will probably end with when the problem is finally solved, there will be a new battle pass and i lose everything i unlocked in levels 1-60 of teh current battle pass

sow as wondering what would happen if there will be new battle pass unlocks, do i lose all the 1-60 items i have unlocked, because i cant buy Crom coins to pay for a battle pass ??

You can claim the free rewards from BP but yes you will lose all other rewards unless you resolve the issue and purchase the BP before the next chapter (you have about 2 months give or take).

  • are you logged in with the correct account
  • are you playing online i.e connected to internet
  • have to tried disabling any anti-virus software you may have in case it interferes with your purchase

My advice would be to submit a ticket via ZenDesk selecting in-game purchase so that they can look into your account.


i have done everything i could and followed 2 guides that covered everything from settings to virus scanners, firewalls, and whatnot, to no avail.

and have already sent a message to support, including the game makers
so i hope they will solve it , luckily it seems I am not the only person

the thing is nothing changed in my setup not pc wise as internet-wise since I bought Crom coins last time.

so i gues its a steam problem ,a lot of people on steam have also problems

i did send a help reply to Funcom Help - Funcom i dont know if its teh same as zen desk

No, it is not ZenDesk. Send a ticket here, selecting in-game purchase:

thanx to some ransom steam player, i got the solution that fixed my problem,i will post what he suggested here in case anybody else can use the solution. So all thx goes to
he surely made my day.

Well here is his solution

This was bugging me for a while, nothing above worked, but I got it to work in the end, I uninstalled (or deleted) ‘ReShade’. I reinstalled it after the purchase of the coins.
You would need to close the game, remove it, and then open the game again. Shift+Tab will now open the steam overlay as normal. This is how you can test it. (Or at least that was the giveaway to me while the game was loading).
If you don’t know what ReShade is, you likely don’t have it and this won’t be the cause for you. ReShade is kind of like a mod, but not quite, it changes how the game’s atmosphere looks by changing lighting and shadows. It’s not installed to the Mods or plugins folder like other mods, you would find it in the directory …\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64.
The website in case you need it.

i hope somebody else can use it


Thanks for sharing

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