Can't continue my game

Not sure if this is right place but I need help i tried to play my single player game today and everytime I clicked continue on the menu it would crash on load and would get this error “0xfca41b54 referenced memory at 0.00000000. The memory could not be written.”
I had changed 3 mods before hand but after it crashed I tried removing them and loading and still crashes. I have done a file validation and all are fine.
I tried starting a fresh new game and that failed as well, I have not yet tried online but I am guessing it will do the same thing.
My computer is running fine and every other game or program I run is perfectly fine so it can’t be my computer.
All I have done since the last time I played the game was basically close it and try a load today minus the 3 mods from the workshop that I removed after it did this.
Any help please?

A apologise in advance for even mentioning this. But did you restart your PC? Just in case. Probably not the issue at all, but never hurts to do that if you haven’t already.

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