Can't end the game from option menu

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If i want end the game over the Option menu go to main menu or end the game to Desktop the Buttons do nothing

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  1. press esc for Option menu
  2. press button go to main menu = nothing goes or
  3. press button end the game= nothing goes

Hello @DarkJedi, thank you for your submission!

Does this only occur while playing in Single Player?

Could you please try verifying the integrity of the game files or even reinstalling?

I only Play in single Player mode.
i have check the game files over steam of Errors, but no one is it. all ok

New issue:

  1. i am in the game, then press esc to come up in the Option menu
  2. the two Buttons for Exit the game to the main menu or Exit to the Desktop not go (all other ok)
  3. when i have press the button Exit to Desktop, nothing go and then press the button back to game
    the window where ask you for Exit yes or no are Looks up in the Screen, but then nothing goes, not walk around, no esc button nothing

this is at the time of the last update.

i have mods installed, but all the time they were all ok for the game

Ok, today the game runs ok. The issue was not the game, it was the mod BBJigglePhysics he become an update and all is ok

I just had this happen to me in singleplayer as well - in my case I tried to exit to the main menu. The confirmation window still pops up but in the game screen and not over the menu. The only way to see it is to close the esc menu, but the buttons on the confirmation window are not interactable.

I have the same problem on SP. I think mods that edit the ingame menu may produces this.
I use BBJigglePhysics and when it is activated, clicking “Quit game” or “Exit to the main menu”, the confimation window pops behind the menu. I have to click “resume” to see it but I can’t choose yes or no and have to close the game with Windows. Deactivating this mod disables the issue.

Pretty sure correct. Kerozards Paragon Leveling also had a similar issue where the special Settings menu would go behind the stats screen. A simple rebake in the dev kit fixed this problem for me. Other mod authors should consider trying the same.

Hey everybody,

To any of you experiencing this issue, could you confirm you’re playing with NO mods at all installed in your game?


I don’t experience the issue in SP if I have NO mods installed.
I experience the issue if I have at least ONE mod installed which edit the menu. (In my case : BBJigglePhysics)

Edit : BBJigglePhysics has been updated, bug is fixed =)

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