Possible ingame hud menus bug

Several times since getting on testlive, I’ve had an issue where I go into inventory, attributes or any of those ingame menus and am unable to exit. I’ve pressed every key on my keyboard and just can’t exit out. Only option is to kill the client completely and restart.

Testlive dedicated server and I am running a few mods:
1138108077 LitMan Level One Fifty Six
1369100856 Level 60 requirement for chests
1273419074 Swift Elevator
1417350098 AquilonianFemales
1273074761 75% more Women
1491981725 Less Building placement Restrictions - No NPC Camps
864199675 pickup+
884162441 LitMan Item Stack

I have someone else that plays on the server, so don’t want to disable the mods for further testing, but it is also very intermittent. Had it happen 3 times over the last week of being on testlive, so it will be hard to prove it was or wasn’t mod interaction.

Ok, found out how to reproduce this bug. Go into Inventory, attribs, feats, stats or map and hit enter + try typing something. My friend and I keep having this problem. We have a chat going, pop into menus to look at something and they try accidentally try to chat and that prevents us from getting back out of the hud menus. Have to relog the client.

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