Can't find any obsidian to make raw ash

i can’t find any obsidian in the game to make raw ash. Do obsidian actually is in the dlc if no how can i make raw ash

I think I see what you’re trying to say there. The answer is that there are no obsidian deposits to get raw ash from.

However, the maelstrom creatures have some on them when you kill them. That’s your primary source on the Isle of Siptah. Outside of that you can rarely find some in various chests.

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I get all my raw ash from vault creature drops. The demon spider vaults and the Refuge of the Goblinoids are good sources.

Vault creatures will drop a ton of raw ash. I’m sitting on more now then I ever have. Darfari summoned surges drop obsidian bars and occasionally wild surges will drop the ore.

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