Can't give saddle to Wight Horse

Can’t give saddle to Wight Horse in all game modes, offline or online.
You use to be able to give them one even if the UI didn’t show a slot for them.
Now you can’t give them any.
Without a saddle this horse is useless.

Could you? I just assumed you never could. Sounds more like a bug fix. It definitely wasn’t meant to have one with the texture and the ui not including it. You can still ride it right?

You never could, you can ride that horse without saddle, and as far as I remember, it was always like this. Just go to your Wight Horse and press E or equivalent button on controller.

I always could drag and drop a saddle into his UI model to equip it.
Similar to how players use to be able to give armor to their zombies.
In the case of horse I thought they forgot to visually add the UI saddle slot but it was technically there.

Yeah you used to be able to.
Tbh with that feature gone I find no reason to use this horse anymore since it’s “built in” saddle isn’t a scout saddle and you have to hold interact and use the command wheel to mount it instead of just getting on it like other horses…

Giving the saddle to the wight horse was the bug. They patched it so that it’s no longer possible…which reminds me. Anyone looked at the zombies to see if that’s been patch as well?

How do you know that for a fact?
A horse without saddle mobility bonus is useless, this sounds more like a bug for a final reward of a battle pass…

That horse as I remember was in Age of Sorcery, so I cannot quite remember if you could, but I am sure that in Age of War you could not use a saddle for this horse. As for the zombies, it was weird to be able to give them gear, they are zombies after all :stuck_out_tongue: . Armor maybe made sense… but without any visual update to the geared zombie… it’s still weird.

Anyway, there are currently a lot more drastic issues that makes the entire chapter 3 not playable, at least not in a normal way, zombies and that weird horse still works.

Because there wasn’t a slot to put a saddle like all other horses. They had to actively remove it vs an error when reskinning the horse model.

Not true, in age of war chapter II I was still giving them saddles.

There was no skinning errors. They look very nice with saddles!!!

I am not lying, look at this post from October 2022, more than a year ago.

Did you read my post properly? Like I said you always could drag a saddle on the horse image to equipe one. You just don’t see the Inventory slot for it.

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