Can't Unequip Saddle from Wight Horse

Game Mode: Singleplayer and Private
Game Type: PvE

I just crafted a wight horse from the Battlepass and thought it would need a saddle, so I equipped one. Now, I can’t remove it since there is no saddle spot in the inventory screen.

Step one, craft a wight horse.
Step two, equip a saddle.
Step three, saddle box doesn’t appear in inventory.

One creative forumite suggested recalling the horse and that should remove the saddle.

That fixed it, thanks! I hope they fix this bug soon.

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credit goes to @MotherReptiddy . I’m just a vehicle of genius, not genius itself.


In the other thread, you asked if the saddle still gave bonuses to the wight horse. After testing it in local I can confirm that this is true :slight_smile:

Another thing: when looking at the Wight Horse inventory if you drag another saddle directly in the 3D preview of the horse, it will replace the saddle!

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