Wight Horse Questions

I have some questions about the Wight Horse

  1. Since it is a Wight Horse, does it mean it have the same perks a Wight would have like immune to bleed/poison and such?

  2. I read the Wight Horse has a built in saddle, what type of Saddle is it under? Light, medium, or does it have no stats at all?

  3. Can A saddle be places on the Wight Horse? If so how do I change Saddles

Freshly placed level 0 Wight Horse:

So yeah no saddle slot. Can’t say as to immunity to bleed/poison, I don’t bother using horses, generally not worth the trouble :sweat_smile:

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  1. Nope, horse perks only - otherwise it would be slightly “pay for game mechanics” instead of just cosmetic
  2. It’s a pretty crap one, technically a heavy saddle, but without the protection it provides… so it’s just as slow as a war saddle, turns just as badly, but has 1/3rd of the stamina damage protection when taking damage.
  3. Yes if you right-click the saddle (it’s a bug atm) there is no slot, but right-clicking from your inventory will still equip it, though the horse will clip through most saddles as they’re not fitted for it, also the only way to unequip it afterwards is to “Rescue” it making the saddle unrecoverable

So yet another janky mechanic. Surprise!

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Jankyness is the natural state of mankind; polish is unnatural, and jankyness must ultimately triumph.


how strange, I assumed it was just a skin like the undead horse.

It is, as far as I know. It’s just not working properly.


You can still replace the old saddle with a new one, just drag the new one onto where the icon should appear and - tada! The new one is equiped and old one unequiped. No waste at all.


Oh and it probably lets you swap them with right-click too. I was talking about removing it completely to have no saddle on it thou :stuck_out_tongue:

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I prefer to have a saddle so I can actually mount without the radial menu.

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It’s a good thing we can place a saddle, even though the UI is janky. I would’ve been pretty pissed to find out that I couldn’t use a scout saddle just because I wanted a cool-looking skin for my horse.

You know what I’d do to solve this? I would put back the saddle slot and let players equip the saddles but simply not render their mesh (it’s procedurally added as it is whenever you put a saddle on the mesh is added to the mount so I’d just skip that step in the case of this horse). That way you’d simply be able to swap saddles for the stats and riding style you prefer while not changing the looks of the horse and also not having to alter stuff to make all the saddles fit on this horse.
We’re kinda duct-taping stuff all the time anyway so something like this could work imo :stuck_out_tongue: certainly better than the current version

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That would work, too.

Honestly, I’m just worried they’ll remove the ability to saddle the wight horse. I like the stats and the perks of the one I’m riding right now, and it even looks good with the Argossean scout saddle.

Oh btw, I had my suspicions that the “fake” built-in saddle of the Wight Horse was probably modeled after one of the starter saddles because of their seemingly weaker stats, but wasn’t sure which one :slight_smile:
I checked and it’s pretty much the equivalent of the Warhorse Saddle Medium so a level 40 saddle essentially… lol

CE is held together with so much digital duct-tape even 3M is going ‘dude, enough!’.


Yes lol! I keep seeing really funny things in the devkit too :slight_smile: They’re nice enough to add comments though and some of them are funny like that “We’ll just do this for now temporarily”… “This is to prevent XYZ exploit” :stuck_out_tongue: etc.


Gotta love when you take over (or just look through) someone else’s code and it has comments like ‘replace this asap’ on stuff that’s 3+ years old :sweat_smile::joy:


Thanks for all the answers everyone! I appreciate the feedback. I just unlocked it myself. Any saddle recommendations that look good with the Wight Horse? I Saw Argossean Scout but any others.

As far as looks, the Silent Legion Warhorse looks great. Mostly because of the skull motif. But if you are after speed, or maneuverability, you would want cavalry and scout respectively. Try them on and see what you like. Like mentioned, you have to rescue to remove the saddle, but if you rescue right next to it, the saddle drops to a bag and you can pick it up again.

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