Ghost Horse aka white horse has no saddle slot - Edit: solved, i´m too stupid for this horsy

Today i unlock the battelpass level 60 reward, the ghost horsy, craft it and get a ghost horse named white horse, so far so good but the pony has no saddle slot and you can´t jump b.a.r.e.b.a.c.k. on it

i have no idea but i don´t think that is the way it should be…

and please bring back the meteors on pc singleplayer :frowning: nothing on siptah or exiled lands.

Yeah I noticed that in the promo picture which is why I thought these were originally going to be a summoned mount recipe but it’s apparently a horse skin.

So the real question I have is what saddle type does this wight horse have since you can’t mount unsaddled horses and saddles have different riding effects so which one did they put on this skin? I, and I believe a majority of folks, prefer the scout saddles since they provide the longest stamina gallop and quick maneuvering.

for me the best saddletype, especially on siptah… but for cosmetic i prefer the silent legion saddle or the argossanian heavy

i think the wight horse has only a blanket but as you can see, you can´t jump on it like the abyssal horsy

Edit: this one

Off topic but part of the conversation…can we transmog saddles? If not, can we get that in the future? @Community

You CAN mount it without saddle. I had some problems too, you must open the Pet menu though and mount it this way. And you have to stand really close to it

Without saddle its pretty useless as i noticed, no defense at all and dies in seconds if you keep it around while fighting

this is so weird… thx :smiley: omg

a game restart and yes… you have to stand really close to it…

well yes it makes no sense for me but it worked :confused:

well another lightbulb for the graveyeard ( it dies very fast )

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