Can't join server - "authentication failed"

I’m playing on a private servers with a couple of friends and all of us randomly get the same error when trying to log in:

“Authentication failed”

Sometimes it’ll let you log in after a couple of tries but most of the time it just won’t let you join the server at all (even if you try 10 times or more!). Restarting Steam or the PC doesn’t help and usually that person simply can’t play that day.
A server restart helped a couple of times but there’s no guaranty that it always will and honestly, having to restart the server just so a player is able to join just sucks!

How can we fix this?

It got so bad that eventually nobody was able to join anymore unless the server was restarted, and even then it often took multiple tries to get in.
The server admin contacted the host (nitrado), they changed something (according to some info by Funcom) and nobody’s had the problem since.

Modded servers? If you have a slower connection or older pc, you may get timed out before being able to load all the mods.

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Yes, it’s a modded server but it’s mostly fixes, pickup,…
My internet connection isn’t too great (even though it’s never been a problem) but my PC is brand-new and Conan is installed on an NVMe.
Everyone on the server has the problem though, even a player with really fast internet and SSD/NVMe, and it looks like it’s someone else every day.
When it affected me today, a server restart helped again but I still had to try 5 times to get in.

We’re also having this issue, same thing, some days you can log in no trouble at all, as it is I managed to get in yesterday but haven’t been able to log in since yesterday evening all the way through to this evening, well more like early morning if i’m honest. And it’s not just me, nobody has been able to log in today, our server is reset daily, so I don’t think it’s that, we do have mods, but up until the Funcom Online Services happened we had no problems at all, but now we’ve had two or three weeks of constant problems and headaches. We have had one player completely stop playing because he got fed up of looking at loading screens or watching the, admittedly good, startup video, I think I can recite that line for line, and I’m even working on my Conan voice.

It’s annoying because I really like the game, it’s great fun and I’ve really been enjoying playing, but as it is, I’m at the end of my rope with all the connection issues we’ve been having, and what I think the worst part is that there’s no explanation for it, just “Authentication Failed” and a green circle with an “A” in it. If anyone has a fix for this, or can tell me what’s going wrong, I would very much appreciate it… because I’m about ready to give up on this great game and go play something that I can actually, you know, play.

Oh and for what it’s worth, my computer does seem to struggle with loading in the mods, but it always did and it’s only since the Funcom Online Services came about that I’ve had trouble connecting, and my internet is just fine, 100mbps download and between 10 and 20 mbps upload.

I’ve been having the same issues since the June updates (FuncomLiveServices!)… I’ve posted about my troubleshooting here : Authentication Failed; No one can connect to server
So far, no solution to getting this issue resolved. Toolguy on the Admins Unite discord forwarded my logs along to the FLS team, but hasn’t gotten back to me about what is causing the issue or how to resolve it.

When you log in again, you get in. We have 2 modded servers that it takes two logins. AoC seems to be at the center of this. Other non AoC, you get in the first time, every time. Same with Officials.

Not so; I’m running a server with no mods, and am still getting authentication failure errors upon connection. I can attempt to log in all day long (I’ve attempted 20+ times in a row) and it gives authentication failure every time. It doesn’t let people connect on their second attempt. Age of Calamitous isn’t the problem.

Hi all, I also experienced this issue when hosting a Conan server a physical machine I own that’s running Windows 7. The issue I discovered is due to Funcom’s new PoS live service nonsense, it attempts to authenticate the user when the join the server, and this authentication is done over a secure connection. Windows 7 for example does not use TLS 1.2 by default and without in enabled caused me to receive the same error you’re getting. I resolved it by doing the following.

  1. Open the Internet Options window (you can simply search for “internet options”)
  2. Go to the Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down through the settings list till you reach the Security section
  4. Check the box for “Use TLS 1.2” (I left the “Use TLS 1.0” checkbox checked as well, I don’t think it matters though)

Hopefully this will help some of you out.


I checked the internet options->Security on my dedicated server (Windows Server 2012), and TLS 1.2 was NOT checked. I am now able to connect to my server, thanks to you!!!


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