Can't launch conan

So I have been playing conan for about 4 weeks I wanna say and honesty I’m disappointed I paid 60$ for this crashing mess your recent update has broke my game it can’t even start anymore I’ve lost 3 sets of steel armour due to crashing which is really annoying btw please whatever you did in the recent update remove it until you learn how to do it right

After 2 days of reinstalling due to bad download speed I log back on to my server (it did fix the problem) my base is raided and all my progress gone thanks devs for your inability to make a God dam update work right your games trash

try reinstalling the game😉 that worked for me.

Same thing for me on ps4. I can’t even load into single player/offline. Just crash after crash since update. I tried reinstalling and nothing changed. Got saved in online storage so I may try deleting system save and reinstall and start over. Doubt it works though.

Been playing since early access, on two computers and have never had a problem logging in or playing. Only thing we have post was orbs, and everyone did. Funcom stole them.

When we were running a Nvidia 1050ti, we never could log in to CE. It was a driver conflict between Nvidia, Win10, and Funcom. Not a game problem.

Alright I have started reinstalling will update when done