Cant login after last update

As topic, after todays update i no longer cant login to the game, i get stuck as in the picture then this “timer” comes up.
I have:
Restarted client
Repaired broken data
Restarded PC.

I DONT wanna reinstall the game…


It’s being looked into.

Same problem.

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Should be working now! If the issue is still there for you, please post in this thread.

getting same problem not able to login

had same issue and i can finally log in

Should be good now! \o/

Yes, thank you it seems to work now :slight_smile:
what was the problem?

Thanks for really fast help :slight_smile:

Have got same trouble , but now i can log in but …where is my char ?

Ah, my char is back again (after a relauch of the game).

I still can not log into the game. It tells me " The update process did not complete successfully." I have repaired the broken data, which does not seem to be working as well. When I open task manager to look at it, it shows it is going up in MB and then all of sudden will drop down 5-10 mb again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 6 times, with restarts each time. I am as of right now on 3/22 at 12:35 pm CST US time, again trying to repair data and it is bouncing from 10% to 23% and back again. I’m at a loss here. I have had had the game installed on this new comp of mine for months and had no issues until this new update for Unconquered… So, please help. Zaskia 80 BS

So even after tracking down the local config file and redoing it as well, I still can not get the game to work. I get this error now…

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It’s happening to me too…

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I mean, “By Crom! It’s happening to me too!”

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New update, thank you funcom! NOW I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!!
“The update process did not complete successfully”
Can you please post a fix for this issue?! I really cant download the whole game again because of a failed patch! Im really tired of this, always patches to fix problems that former patches cause and then the patch for the patch makes a bigger problem than the one it fixed! I have sitting here since 3 hours, trying everything from exchanging the Localconfig to repair broken data, I even replaced the pref folder with a backup one and even trying the same from another location of my backup of the gamre from USB stick (this one is now stuck in step 2/4 while the other one ends with the famous sentence)… nothing works! Tell me which data is the problem or what to do to make the patcher redownload the proper patch please! (And: I already disabled and even uninstalled my virus scanner and even turned off windows firewall! That is not solving the problem!)

I posted in the newest post as well… Both hubby and I now have the unable to log in due to update patcher did not update successfully. He runs windows 7 and i run 10. Same BONDED DSL business account ISP, both hard wired to modem. It is bull that it is our comps, set ups or ISP. So after again, deleting the ENTIRE game and all folders associcated with it, it is downloading on hubby comp and mine is working again. It sucks big time that this is the only fix and having NO response from funcom at all is even more irritating. So I sent petition in game once it got working a few days ago and I had a response from GM yowie that I needed to contact support. Well if support is not looking at the forum, they sure arent going to read an email I guess. Come on, We pay close to $400 a year to play and have since 2012… Its time to fix this mess Funcom

I reinstalled and have the same issue can’t log in been 2 weeks now and no reply from funcom support