Unable to log in

Hi. I’m an old costumer considering coming back after a long absent. If I still still find fun her I probably subscribe too. Problem is I can’t log in. I got into the site where I can manage my account, I guess that was stored on the computer, but I can’t log on to the game. Every time I try I get this message:
“Universe Manager connection error” Now is this because I typed the wrong password, if so you can disregard this post as I already made a ticket about that, or is the problem something else, and if so, How do I fix it.

i think theres hotfix being applied soon,i logged in and soon after i was disconnected and have not been able to log back in myself as yet even thou the home page says server online still… my main issue is i had just engaged an npc on my unconquered toon and it will most likely be dead when i finally log in :grimacing:

It has been announced : Fixes: March 28, 2019

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home page clearly said sever online…even for the next 10 mins while i tried to relog to no avail

Great tgeb it’s not a fault on my part. I uninstaled the game that I had just installed from my CD and reinstalled it though the download and now I’m already logged in, but it’s patching 5.2.2. march 21 first. Guess it haven’t found the lastest patch yet. Unfortunately work in 20 min.

It did finsihed patching and the green START lit up, but it said it did not patch successfully and when I clicked start it just exited the game Anyone else having this problem?

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The servers are currently offline, it is not possible to get the latest patch during a downtime. This might explain the “Update did not patch successfully”, try again when you are home from work.

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I have the same problem with being stuck in not successfully patched message in launch screen with a start button that only closes the screen and whatever I do, nothing changes… and I launched the game AFTER the downtime!