Is the server down for something?

I enter username and pw and get a pop up window saying Please wait and a progress bar like it’s trying to log out a character before logging in again and I don’t have any characters logged on. Is the server down for something?? My org bot is running, but can’t log in to the game itself through my other account. Help!!

While I don’t have any more information, I can confirm it is happening to me as well. But, 2019 server will let you in.

Its not on our end. The login server is having some problems.

Yeah no-one can log in and as per no response from FC as of yet.

Only the login server is down, if you are ingame you just can’t relog to another toon.

same problem here

Finally resubbed after a loooong time away, and the first thing i meet is unable to login… What a good timing. cmon funcom, I thought the server room pirate was delt with long ago! (Points to whoever remember the server room pirate).

does me no good. i dont play on that one.

Same here, unable to login. Possibly related to the W10 updates that maybe screwed the server?

I also don’t play on 2019.

Both the login server and new account registration server seem to be down for me.

I am getting SQL errors on the registration, and the time out on the login server.

2019 is down for me too. Just tried it.

and of course it’s Sunday so staff will be minimal if in the office at all.

All login-servers down.

Same for me cannot login

Same here beep

Someone needs to wake up and get the servers up. This is way to much downtime with no information to be OK.