Unable to log into game

On July 21 I was playing normally in Kingsmouth, but when I tried to enter Agartha there was some form of hiccup or glitch that froze the game completely.
I waited for about 10 minutes but nothing happened, and so I terminated the game, and restarted it.
I was able to log in, choose my character, etc, but when the game tried to start, it just hangs, every single time.
I tried restarting my computer.
I even deleted and reinstalled the game client but to no avail.
I raised a ticket at the time (Funcom Support #1081531) but I haven’t seen anything except the auto-response with the ticket number.
Can someone at least let me know what is happening with this?



Hey Arlyansor.

Not with Funcom so can’t directly help you. It’s a little early to try and grab someones attention right now, as their workday has yet to start, but can try see if i can point someone this way once they are actually available on discord. Alternatively if you have discord yourself, try and ask if someone have time to assist you once they have come into work. There is of cause no guarantee that they can help you right away, but if you ask nicely, someone can often check and make sure the ticket didn’t get lost or something. Just ask if someone can assist, and leave the details for a DM.

I took a look at email 1081531. Unfortunately, you’ve contacted us from an email address with no accounts linked to it. You didn’t give us an account username or a character name, so we don’t know how to help you. Please update your email ticket with this information (do not post this information in the forums). We’ll be happy to help you once we know what account/character needs the help.

That’s really weird because I’m looking at my Funcom account page right now and it shows both my email address and username…

And as the email for the help was sent from within the Funcom page itself, I’m not too sure why this information wasn’t automatically attached.

However, I’ll send the information via email, just to be sure, and this may explain why I suddenly cannot log into the game.

Your account page and the help page are two completely different things. If the email address you entered on the help page doesn’t match the one on your Funcom account, they can’t find your account.

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